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Donnie Medicina

Donnie Medicina is a 4 piece ensemble of guitar, bass, percussion, & mandolin
founded by Don Corey - original bassist for Medicine for the People,
& featuring guest artist Martin Zarzar - percussionist in Pink Martini -
& mandolin and harmonica player Marshall Jim Duncan.

Don Corey anchors the band on acoustic guitar and electric bass, & plays an energetic blend of original Roots Rock & World Beat, which he experience by collaborating with Masters of Traditional African Music.

Martin Zarzar is an inspired composer & percussionist, drawing from a multicultural upbringing in Peru, who has released two albums while traveling the world with songs promoting social equality.

Don Corey & Martin Zarzar first met @ Berkeley School of Music, and there musical paths converged again in rainy Portland.

These two are joined by Hilo native Rubyanna Moon, who rounds out the quartet with a mellifluous voice
that captures the heart and soul of Aloha in emotive ballads that are sure to entrance listeners.

Together with our extended family and friends we're offering 3 hours of music, dance, & art to entertain any audience.

Below are links to our online music - please enjoy

"Piggy, Piggy, Piggy" by Martin Zarzar -
"Gravity" by Rubyanna Moon -

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