Food poisoning precautions in hotels

If any person is found to have been poisoned in hotel, whether by mistake or intentionally ingested, they must immediately report it to hotel's switchboard to inform hotel's general manager and ask for directions to call police. Notify Deputy General Manager and heads of departments about need to immediately arrive at scene to clarify situation and take following measures:

1. The hotel switchboard dials emergency center 120 to explain situation and ask for help.

2. If medical staff does not arrive on time and poisoned person's life is in danger, hotel must arrange hotel's transport to send poisoned person to nearest hospital for rescue and notify department of poisoned person or his relatives. and friends.

3. In case of large-scale food poisoning, hotel should organize staff to collect poisoned people in a spacious place (for example, in a banquet hall) for treatment and rescue.

4. Security of hotel to ensure protection of location of poisoned person, to find out time, place and number of poisoned, to seal and check products in kitchen.

The security department must prohibit anyone from touching poisonous items or suspected poisonous items (such as drugs, containers, drinks, food, vomit, etc.).

5. The hotel security department needs to arrange parking spaces for police cars and ambulances so they can use them when they arrive and leave.

6. The hotel must register personal belongings of poisoned person and hand them over to police.

Seventhly, hotel security and catering staff must prevent loafers from watching.

8. The hotel security department will register and store relevant information (including arrival and departure times of police cars and ambulances, name of person in charge of police, etc.).

9. Employees of security service and catering department of hotel should monitor scene of poisoners, and if poisoners or suspicious persons are found, immediately detain and transfer to police.

10. The security department of hotel should assist public security department and department of health and epidemic prevention in investigating cause of poisoning.