15 most beautiful hotels in world! stamped

15 most beautiful hotels in world! stamped

Summer has arrived, and epidemic has not dampened people's desire to go on vacation. Among all kinds of hotels, there are always those that captivate with their “beauty”: they are either adjacent to lakes and volcanoes, or hidden in terraced fields, or overlooking forest, or surrounded by snow-white beaches and palm trees. .

Recently, TripAdvisor announced 15 most beautiful hotels in world, with infinity pools, enchanting scenery, caves full of history and shocking decoration art, etc., they look just way you want.

Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa

15 most beautiful hotels in world! stamped

This is a brand new 5 star all inclusive luxury resort located on a private luxury island in north of Maldives with superb privacy. Surrounded by 1.5 kilometers of soft white beaches, resort has a total of 120 villas, 60 of which are located above sea.

The design of hotel is based on theme of characteristic island landscapes.The overall decoration of room is made using materials such as bamboo, natural stone and rangi ranji leaves. The combination of tropical landscapes and modern design creates an elegant and relaxed atmosphere close to nature for passengers.

Guatemala Hotel La Fortuna(La Fortuna at Atitlan)

15 most beautiful hotels in world! stamped

The unique landscape of lake and volcano is one of features of this hotel. Situated on shores of Lake Atilante, at foot of Mount Toliman, unique combination of lake and volcano makes it a must-see for adventure seekers. This hotel is located in a private bay, hidden in a dense forest, with best privacy. Here tourists can observe various inhabitants of jungle from a close distance, admire breathtaking scenery of lake and get acquainted with unique natural wonders of Guatemala. Due to its advantageous geographical location, it offers a quiet and peaceful environment that suits current travel requirements of people who want to stay away from crowds.

Wapa di Ume Hotel in Indonesia(Wapa di Ume Sidemen)

15 most beautiful hotels in world! stamped

This resort is said to be "hidden gem of eastern Bali". Different from Bali's famous island scenery, this five-star boutique resort is nestled in terraced fields, surrounded by mountains and surrounded by rice fields, and 360-degree mountain view keeps tourists away from hustle and bustle. city ​​life, return to roots and truly feel relaxation of body and mind. The hotel room is not only equipped with a large swimming pool, but also has a private terrace where visitors can admire terraced fields and mountains, as well as enjoy local Indonesian cuisine and a special spa.

Cavas Wine Lodge, Argentina(Cavas Wine Lodge)

15 most beautiful hotels in world! stamped

If you are a wine lover, then this hotel will definitely be one of best options for you. Vasilorai Winery is conveniently located in a 0.22 sq. km between most famous wineries and majestic Andes. Despite fact that hotel has only 18 rooms, relying on advantages of vineyards, tourists can ride horses, have a picnic and enjoy soft fine wines. Standing in a snow-white detached villa, you can see bright vineyards hidden under Andes, and air is filled with fruity aroma of grapes. Hold a glass of red wine in your hand, enjoy it with your loved one, leisurely and relaxed.

Rocabella Hotel in Greece(Rocabella Mykonos Hotel)

15 most beautiful hotels in world! stamped

Greece has always been one of ideal holiday destinations in people's minds, and Rocabella Hotel here is a beautiful scenery among Greek resort hotels. The hotel is located on Greek island of Mykonos, where patchwork of houses and turquoise sea form a unique beauty. Visitors can sit by hotel's pool, enjoy delicious cocktails and feel moist sea breeze. Simple lines dominated by bright whites complemented by earthy tones, combined with use of natural materials, architecture of hotel is based on aesthetics of Cycladic era. With majestic views of Aegean Sea as a backdrop, chic minimalist design and bohemian atmosphere will give people complete relaxation, which is very suitable for needs of modern traveler.

Golden Temple Hotel Cambodia(Golden Temple Hotel)

15 most beautiful hotels in world! stamped

Cambodia is mostly mysterious in people's eyes, but Golden Temple Hotel perfectly combines traditional Southeast Asian style with trendy luxury that is more modern. Located near center of Siem Reap, Golden Temple Hotel is tucked away in lush vegetation and has become an 'oasis' in the city center, providing a balance between silence and noise. The hotel as a whole is decorated in a traditional Cambodian country style, with bright colors and an elegant atmosphere. The interior also features magnificent stone walls and bridges hand-carved by local craftsmen.

Baladin Zanzibar Beach Hotel

15 most beautiful hotels in world! stamped

This is a tropical resort surrounded by clear turquoise waters, pristine white sand beaches and palm trees. The hotel is located in Pingwe, Tanzania. Each single family villa has a traditional local makuti palm-shaped roof and is neatly arranged.The interior design of hotel tends to be natural and most of them are made of wooden materials. The surrounding landscape blends in beautifully. The room is also equipped with an open-air bathroom and a terrace so that people can better appreciate tropical ocean scenery.

Fairmont Hotel(Fairmont Bab Al Bahr)

15 most beautiful hotels in world! stamped

The luxurious Fairmont Hotel is located in Abu Dhabi. One of wealthiest cities in world has some very luxurious hotels, but Fairmont definitely stands out from crowd. This 5-star beachfront hotel is located at entrance to capital, next to pristine sandy shores. Here, visitors can admire incomparable beauty of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Gorgeous hotel lobby, mostly black and gold, with warm decorations, giving people a warmer and more comfortable feeling, where people can enjoy sea view. The style of hotel's furnished rooms embodies definition of a hotel in modern "elegance", with an extremely sophisticated design, using marble, walnut paneling and soft bamboo flower finishes.

Vietnamese Tam Coc Garden Resort(Tam Coc Garden Boutique Resort)

15 most beautiful hotels in world! stamped

We can say that this hotel is an oasis of calm. The hotel has a total of 8 independent bungalows, each with two luxurious bedrooms and a private terrace with a wide view from which you can admire rice fields and mountains, as well as fragrant garden below. The interior decoration of hotel is mostly simple and warm, using natural stone, wood, ceramics and bamboo with local features, combined with elegant decorations, which makes overall atmosphere more refined.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo

15 most beautiful hotels in world! stamped

The Tremezzo Grand Hotel is an iconic Art Nouveau masterpiece on western shores of Lake Como, built over 100 years ago. Needless to say about environment, tourists can enjoy picturesque lakes and mountains here, giving people an idyllic life experience. The overall design of hotel's exterior is simple and retro, with a "sense of history" in details. After entering, interior is more like an Art Nouveau palace, with retro decoration and bright colors, natural style decoration and customized furniture, combination of past prosperity and modern luxury exudes charm of past.

Makanda by sea, Costa Rica(Makanda by sea)

15 most beautiful hotels in world! stamped

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This beautiful hotel has a huge swimming pool where visitors can soak up sun loungers hanging in tropical jungle; Admire landscape of jungles of Costa Rica from hotel's own terrace; watch from in-room private outdoor hot tub.

Civita Cave Hotel

(Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita)

15 most beautiful hotels in world! stamped

Matera, a world heritage and cultural capital, has a rich history with hundreds of caves converted into houses, churches and palaces. The hotel is located right in oldest of them, Civita, opposite magnificent Rock Church. The hotel, converted into a cave, retains its original character and charm and offers traditional cave rooms and stunning views of this hilly city.

Haven Riviera Cancun, Mexico(Haven Riviera Cancun)

15 most beautiful hotels in world! stamped

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This adults-only all-inclusive resort features beautifully decorated rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows that offer ocean views. At same time, style of hotel is magnificent, and huge indoor pool, luxury spa and a variety of restaurants provide tourists with more choice.

You and Me Maldives Resort(You and Me by Cocoon Maldives)

15 most beautiful hotels in world! stamped

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This newly opened five-star resort has 6th underwater restaurant in Maldives. From sunbathing, crystal clear waters, luxurious cabins to exciting water sports, people can better enjoy a fun-filled holiday here.

Hard Rock Hotel Mexico(Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos)

15 most beautiful hotels in world! stamped

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This all-inclusive resort next to sea offers tourists 6 different special pools to choose from, such as hot sun and blue sea water, where tourists can lie on sun loungers and enjoy sunbathing to their heart's content.

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