How to make guests love your hotel

How to make guests love your hotel

When positioning a hotel, not all guests are your target guests. According to rule 8020, only 20% of your customers are your core customers.

If you want to increase occupancy and income of your hotel, from a marketing point of view, you need to constantly expand or amplify [traffic] and find 20% of valuable traffic, provide additional services.

In process of providing services, it is not just gifts and discounts, but most importantly, that these guests like your hotel.

What is most likely to be ignored by hotel is transmission of valuable hotel information. At each guest information contact point, hotel only transmits information about guest's registration and provision of services, and this is extremely important. [shortage] out.

For example. I have found that a resort hotel has many advantages, but it does not provide necessary quality of service in general. Since there are several single family villas, they chose some good names, but when they were told by hotel reception to organize rooms, they only said "Building 1", "Building 2" and "Building 3", but did not say "From". Abbot" and "Dengzhou".

How to make guests love your hotel

Usually, many guests get to hotel just by looking at flowers. They may not know why hotel is designed or built way it is; if they know this, they may not have a deep understanding of why hotel is doing this, and only after guests understand, they will have a good impression. This is also basis for guests to love your hotel. Or some guests feel very comfortable and will love your hotel. If you can give guests a deep understanding of a certain aspect of hotel, they will not only like your hotel, but they will [long absence].

So, hotel should start with following four aspects:

First, Benefit

The hotel has unique places, size of a bottle of mineral water and size of a hotel lobby. As long as there are benefits, especially benefits that benefit guests, they need to be constantly disseminated in process of contact with guests.

For example: I have lived in Buermuju in Tsyurushan many times. The coffee machine is a very good brand. The maintenance staff told me it was about 100,000 yuan. They will tell buyer what brand it is and how much it costs.

Second, contact transmission

As long as guests have contact with hotel staff, as long as guests and hotel staff have fragmented communication, hotel should spread its benefits and unique content from different points of view.

For example: for floor in guest room, we need to inform guests that our floor is green and does not pollute environment (especially for newly opened hotels); guests are advised to drink porridge for breakfast (there are many types of porridge in hotel, and it is delicious), etc.

This outcome will enhance guest's experience of hotel and their experience of hotel. Over time, benefits of hotel will become for guests a measure of quality of other hotels (many aspects).

Third, conversion goal

Often a hotel needs to direct guests to pay attention to certain things. Only by paying attention to hotel, you can turn some seemingly ordinary things into value to make guests feel good or take care of them.

For example: The hotel places a sign in guest room. The content probably lies in fact that drinking water most affects body of people who travel frequently. The hotel will then talk about why hotel uses selenium-containing mineral water, because selenium is very important for body, and people who often travel on business are prone to lack of selenium. Therefore, hotel does not use Master Kong mineral water, so mineral water in your hotel will be of great value. Invisibly, guests will look at your hotel with admiration.

If hotel deeply explores many benefits, identifies mainvalue and consistent with positioning of hotel and potential needs of business travelers, hotel will form your own favorable image. slowly occupy minds of guests.

Fourth, do a good job of being cost effective

In any case, first psychological perception of most clients is cost effective.

Therefore, hotel must not deceive or fool guests. The operation of hotel must return to original concept, truly consider needs of guests, constantly understand needs of guests, and satisfy material and psychological needs of guests as much as possible.

How to make guests love your hotel

You don't need a reason to like a hotel, but there must be a reason why guests like it.

We need to understand that we don't necessarily know what we see; we don't necessarily have a deep understanding when we know; only when guests understand can they get a good impression, which is also one of foundations for making guests like your hotel.

While it seems normal, at least your hotel gave guests 【exclusive memories】.