What is basis of hotel management?

What is basis of hotel management?

Today, OTA is popular, and hotels struggle online every day. The goal is to drive guest traffic and increase conversion rate of their hotels.

What is basis of hotel management?

The reason for this is that OTA has hundreds of millions of members or its own foundation, while so-called hotel membership is "little like a star" (except for big chains). Although some hotel participants are doing very well, they are only a small part of situation. Plus, today's guests are more picky than ever and have more choices. No one can change fact that market is oversaturated, but hotels can change and make themselves better.

No matter how good OTA is, guests still need to stay at hotel to experience consumption. If a hotel blindly follows an OTA, there is nothing wrong with that, but if hotel's products and services are in disarray, it will eventually "close".

Wendy believes that hotel marketing is just first step in running a hotel. The premise is that first step should "work well" and then next few steps. If last few steps "work well", result will be unpredictable and know.

So once marketing drain is in place, offline performance is backbone of hotel business. Wendy believes that at least following should be included:

What is basis of hotel management?

First, understanding concept

Understanding services and needs of guests form overall awareness of services and concept of hotel. Concept awareness here can be understood as part of "top level design" of hotel, and only top level design is in line with market. In future development, hotel will have a long-term and sustainable source of competition.

For example: hotels have their own direct sales channels. Wendy thinks that at top-level design level, it needs to be clarified why? What is purpose of this? Once it is determined that main goal is to "increase rate of redemption", behavior of hotel will accurately revolve around "increase rate of redemption", so hotel's marketing and service activities will be more "targeted".

Many hoteliers today use methods that lack systematic and top-level thinking. Wendy believes that if you personally want to go to a higher level, you need to study deeply in this place.

What is basis of hotel management?

Second, organizational management

The organization and management of key operational processes determine overall response and execution capabilities of hotel. This includes organizational division of labor and collaboration, understanding and implementing management decisions, formulating and implementing SOP standards, and responding to clients.

Wendy can tell if a hotel is good or not by looking at its organization and management. For example, when organizing meetings or trainings, people are constantly late, something is missing in pre-consultation preparation, some things cannot be done without calls, and similar situations, problems that are behind all problems of organizational management.

Third, optimize your product

According to positioning of hotel, do a good job of optimizing products. In order to meet needs of target customers (business hotels) in business travel, you can constantly optimize products based on customer pain points and meet needs of target customers. customers based on optimized features.

There are 3 aspects of product optimization:

1. Find out what products customers like

2. Three Ways to Create Hotel Intellectual Property

3. Four Strategies to Improve Hotel Quality

Fourth, do SOP well

Is she mature? At same time, SOP should be flexible. Some of our hotel SOPs have not changed, but consumer and travel habits have.

Fifth, channel strategy

All online channels are for offline services, and only when online traffic is large enough can offline "revenue management" be better implemented, otherwise revenue management will be difficult.

In terms of channel strategy, online channels and offline channels should have a certain proportion, and gradually optimize proportion of different channels according to regional market characteristics.

There used to be a hotel chain that clearly stipulated that share of OTA should not exceed 20%. Here is a channel strategy that requires planning, but today's reality is that everyone "can't get enough" and many hotels ignore strategic value.

It may not be possible today, but we can work hard in best strategic direction. When we do not have a clear channel strategy, market risk will increase. If your own channels need to continue to expand, offline efforts will begin and foundation for your own control will be better in future.

Sixth, buyout strategy

In any case, ability to redeem hotel guests is key to managing hotel market.

Firstly, it is necessary that all departments of hotelwere taken in specific redemption actions and formulated executable methods, then a specific implementation, and only through these services can customers make a redemption, finally, promotions.

If check-outs are considered a core business of hotel, special rules apply for re-buying guests. Some people will say that our hotel strived to meet needs of customers and increase their loyalty, which is not contrary to repeat purchases. Customer satisfaction and loyalty is a process, and repeat purchases are a result.

Personally, Wendy believes that offline quality work is foundation of running a hotel!

Wendy really looks forward to connecting with friends in hospitality industry, learning from each other, and making progress together so we can make hotel better and make customers happier.