How to reward loyal hotel guests

How to reward loyal hotel guests

We all know that in process of running a hotel, it is necessary to constantly motivate employees to work effectively, and at same time reward employees who have achieved outstanding results in order to constantly motivate employees to improve their work efficiency.

When a hotel is faced with guest loyalty, should we, as a hotel manager, think that we should reward guest loyalty?

Wendy believes that it is necessary to encourage guest loyalty, especially loyal behavior of hotel guests:

How to reward loyal hotel guests
First of all, hotel needs to determine which guests are loyal?

The situation in each hotel is different, and standards will also be different, but at least guests who stay once a month or two should be loyal guests.

In terms of loyalty, hotel also needs to distinguish between genuine loyalty, lazy loyalty, monopoly loyalty, and profit loyalty.

In Wendy's direct selling system, most loyal members, i.e. top 1% of most valuable members and top 19% of most valuable members, were very precisely separated. This will help hotels evaluate and serve loyal customers more effectively.

Secondly, hotel must plan reward well.

If guest is not interested in rewards, rewards are useless and waste value of hotel.

So, when planning prizes, it is necessary to take into account real needs of regular customers. For example: Hotels with a Direct Selling Membership system can increase number of points, and can also use points to redeem for rooms or valuable goods. It can also be set that when number of nights reaches a certain number, hotel will provide more tangible rewards, including rewards such as room exchanges or sending a red envelope.

An effective method is to rely on preferences and labels of guests, which not only accurately, but also directly affects “heart” of guests!

Third, cash out prize

Once prize has been cashed out, it's best to let other hotel guests see it, or display it as images, etc. to encourage consumption by other guests.

How to reward loyal hotel guests
Fourth, offline services

In order to treat such loyal guests, offline service must also be done well, so that they really feel that they are treated differently in hotel, at least not in same way as other guests. Do not engage in "universal discounts", promotions that are same for everyone.

There are many ways to reward guests for loyalty, but they should be designed and planned according to real situation in hotel and needs of regular guests.

When a hotel struggles for occupancy every day, have we ever thought that we neglect guest loyalty, do we need to capture information and characteristics of loyal guests in time and reward them in time?

The road is long and long, and I will search far and wide.

Wendy really looks forward to connecting with friends in hotel industry, sharing experience and progressing together so that we can improve operation of hotel and make customers more satisfied. Welcome to submit articles and exchange views.