How much do you know about upcoming luxury hotel?

How much do you know about upcoming luxury hotel?

Yan'an Wanda Realm Hotel

How much do you know about upcoming luxury hotel?

The Wanda Kingdom of Yan'an takes inspiration from design of famous Pagoda Mountain Scenic Spot in Yan'an, and reimagines unique local brick walls, cave dwellings, wood carvings and other elements with modern design techniques, presenting a nostalgic and fashionable place. with a sense of history A space with a modern feel.

The spacious and bright hotel lobby uses vaulted structure of cave dwellings, giving space a sense of hierarchy. At top of 12-meter lobby, a red five-pointed star crystal chandelier, assembled from approximately 25,000 accessories, sets a solemn red tone throughout hotel. Seven magnificent bas-reliefs on walls of lobby depict important historical events that took place in Yan'an and influenced Chinese Revolution from 1934 to 1948, and tell story of inheritance of revolutionary spirit through exquisite modern artistic techniques.

The hotel has 178 rooms decorated in Northern Shenxi style, and each room offers a panoramic view of Yanhu Lake, where blue waves and blue sky, and loess high slope complement each other. Among them, most distinctive feature is characteristic cave house, designed based on prototype of a traditional cave dwelling made from raw land in northern Shaanxi. The vault of room retains characteristics of original ecological dwelling. The room is equipped with a northern kang bed and warm antique wooden furniture. The 3-meter-wide kang bed brings authentic northern Shaanxi lifestyle, taking into account comfort of a modern hotel. The use of large areas of white and wood color combined with modern lighting techniques not only enhances sense of natural harmony, but also adds a good modern vibe to traditional elements. Each characteristic cave house also has an independent small yard, and some yards have a jujube tree planted, which creates atmosphere of northern Shaanxi.

The hotel has an all-day dining restaurant, Fengnianting, and a Chinese restaurant, Pinzhen, both of which reflect hotel's overall red tone and regional flair. The spacious and bright all-day restaurant Fengnianting, covering 420 square meters with bright red accents, has 103 indoor seats, 64 outdoor seats and a lake view box called "Qiankun Bay". Pinzhen Chinese Restaurant mainly serves Cantonese and Northern Shaanxi cuisine. The restaurant's six lodges are named after Yan'an place names, which is impressive. It fits modern aesthetic without losing cultural heritage.

Yan'an Wanda Jinhua Hotel

How much do you know about upcoming luxury hotel?

The lobby of hotel uses silhouettes of cave dwellings and flower windows as elements to integrate art form of Pagoda Mountain into main backdrop of space, and is decorated with Shandan flower pattern screens, horse lanterns with brand of times, and old furniture. , making atmosphere of space gorgeous yet gentle. The hotel has 358 lake view rooms and suites ranging in size from 32 to 80 square meters. The rooms are decorated in characteristic features of northern Shaanxi, with theme of cave dwellings. The atmosphere is enhanced by old wood and window bars with local features, expressing heritage and innovation of history. , designed Yan'an period dining table as a shell, and also extracted local old wooden doors for decoration. The elevator lobby and corridors of guest rooms follow structural form of cave dwellings, while wall design elements echo regional theme of Yan'an. Paper cutouts and horse lanterns give guests impression of Yan'an. .

The North Shore Restaurant is an almost 600 square meter semi-outdoor all-day restaurant with 178 indoor and 48 outdoor seats, allowing large groups to dine at same time. Yuehuan Hotel is decorated in a comfortable and pleasant style. When you enter it, you will feel like you are in an old pavilion. The restaurant mainly serves tea drinks, including Yan'an Jingwei Fu local tea, Longjing West Lake and other tea drinks. , and exquisite Cantonese chefs. Snacks and pastries complete guests' busy lives, while outdoor dining area allows guests to experience pleasures of indulging in mountains and rivers.

Narada Hotel, Greentown, Anhui

How much do you know about upcoming luxury hotel?

On June 17, 2021, Narada Grand Hotel in Greentown, Anhui was inaugurated.

Narada Anhui Grand Hotel is located in Fengbei New Town, Xiaoxian County, Anhui Province, west of Daihu Lake, north of Fengshan Mountain, adjacent to New Government Affairs District, adjacent to Xiaoxian North Station, Government Affairs Center and Fengshan. Forest park. The geographical location is excellent. The hotel is built around lake, its area is 18,000 square meters. Looking at Fengshan from afar, he looks like Dai, while close up he enjoys Dai water with smoke. In front of huge fog of Dai Lake, open your leisurely embrace, this is Narada Anhui Greentown Hotel, living room of northern city of Anhui.

The pearl of Northern Anhui, a new city full of vitality, towering Fengshan New City, green city of Narada on shores of Dai Lake is full of art and modern fashion. The overall style of hotel ingeniously combines rugged and heroic Huizhou culture of Huaihe River with Jiangnan culture of light boats caressing water, and subtleties highlight unique cultural heritage of city.

Narada Anhui Grand Hotel has 200 luxurious rooms (suites) of various types, including special room types such as parent-child room/women's room/family room/smart room/zebra singing room and other special room types. "The culture of calligraphy and painting is inspired by design, providing guests with a more comfortable, more relaxed and more convenient check-in experience, like a dream at home.

Yuexiang Yunxiang Airport Hotel Chengdu Tianfu

How much do you know about upcoming luxury hotel?

Yuexiang Yunxiang Airport Hotel Chengdu Tianfu Airport is located between Terminals T1 and T2 of Chengdu Tianfu International Airport. In total, hotel has 9 floors above ground and 1 floor below ground, building height is 37.8 meters and total building area is 130,000 square meters . It includes 877 hotel rooms, as well as swimming pools, gyms, theaters, restaurants, conference rooms, etc.

The hotel will also have a luggage check-in, passengers can check in their luggage before checking into hotel, and after waking up next day, they can enter terminal building to wait for their flight.

Being hallmark of hotel, "Eye of Tianfu" is located at a height of almost 30 meters above ground, facing platform. People waiting for a plane in future can watch planes take off and land here while they eat.

Indigo Suzhou Ancient Canal Hotel

How much do you know about upcoming luxury hotel?

Indigo Suzhou Ancient Canal Hotel is located next to Suzhou section of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, in center of Longhu District, Shishan High-Tech Zone. The hotel draws inspiration from Gusu Prosperity, which depicts canal culture and integrates traditional folk culture of ancient canal into guest experiences from a new perspective.

The 276 uniquely designed rooms and suites offer panoramic views of bustling Suzhou, while PIER 46 specialty restaurant and bar on 46th floor offers panoramic views of city, serving Italian Mediterranean cuisine and creative cocktails through 270 - Glass Panoramic French Windows An iconic building in ancient city of Suzhou is Huqiu Tower. Whenever Hanshan Temple bell tolls, time and space are intertwined, and staying at hotel is like living in old Hengtang Post Station, moving to different scenery as if you are sitting on a covered black boat and slowly sailing into "Prosperous World". Picture of Gusu” passing through Indigo Hotel The brand's unique perspective captures ancient charm and modern style of Suzhou, providing business and leisure travelers with a refreshing journey through surroundings.

Southwest Hualuxe Beijing

How much do you know about upcoming luxury hotel?

HUALUXE Beijing Southwest is an international luxury hotel, part of InterContinental Hotels Group, based on habits of Chinese consumers. Hualuxe® deeply understands needs of Chinese in catering and business communication, and enthusiastically promotes art of Chinese hospitality centered on "food" and "gathering", creating a mature and complete characteristic exclusive social space for business elite and Chinese. culture lovers and personalized service.

HUALUXE Beijing Southwest has a variety of international dining options. Gourmet Chinese food at Caifenglou Chinese Restaurant, Chinese and Western Buffet at Xianyan 24-Hour Restaurant, Gourmet Hogo at Gui-Hot Pot Restaurant, and Chinese Dinner at Specialty Noodle Stalls all cater to your various nutritional needs. and bring you an outstanding gourmet dinner with status.

HUALUXE Beijing Southwest understands business and social needs of Chinese people. From a casual meeting at a tea ceremony, a private banquet at a dinner party, to fitness balance in a 1,000 square meter wellness center. public and private spaces go out of their way to meet needs of guests. The luxurious 1,300 square meter column-free ballroom and extensive meeting rooms are best venues for various conferences and wedding banquets. Conveniently located on Taiping Road in Haidian District, hotel is 35 km from Beijing Capital International Airport, 45 km from Daxing International Airport and only 3.8 km from Beijing West Railway Station. We are located near main hospital of People's Liberation Army of China (Hospital 301), near Cadillac Center, Bloomage LIVE-Wukesong. Wukesong Subway Station Line 1 near hotel or taxis available at any time will make it easier for you to travel to other parts of city. HUALUXE Beijing Southwest is your best choice for business events and meetings with family and friends in Beijing.

J Hotel Shanghai Centre

How much do you know about upcoming luxury hotel?

Nestled atop Shanghai's downtown, Shanghai's new landmark, J Hotel Shanghai Center has finally opened today (June 19) after ten years of building and refining. With its innovative concept, unique ingenuity and courage to break through, this hotel masterpiece is not only a milestone in history of Shanghai hotels, but also a milestone for Jin Jiang, leader of national hotel brand.

The J Hotel's interior design is led by Mr. Lu Haiyan and design is responsibility of R&O, a design firm founded by BLD founders Robert Bilkey and Oscar Llynas. It was personally worked on by two design masters and was also Mr. Bilkey's last work during his lifetime.

Shanghai Center J Hotel has a total of 165 rooms spread over 13 floors from 86th to 98th floor of Shanghai Tower.

The hotel provides thoughtfully enhanced and personalized personal butler services to all guests from moment they arrive at hotel, and a specially designed butler's office provides contactless services to better protect guests' privacy. There are also special services for female passengers, including organization of women's rooms, organization of female personal butlers, etc.

Shanghai Tower, which houses J Hotel, is tallest green building in world. It has been certified three stars in China and LEED Platinum in America. The building's unique two-layer curtain wall design reduces heat. cooling power consumption by about 50%, as well as noise reduction and sound insulation. The operation of hotel also attaches great importance to environmental friendliness. The use of repeatedly washable nylon pockets has good texture, hygiene, and plastic reduction.