"Thirty Only" reveals true desire for marriage, who is really important with whom

30 year old woman, what is she going through?

If you are single, you may still be waiting for someone who can live up to your expectations;

Those who are married may be separated due to lack of speculation, or they may be in crisis due to their husband's infidelity...

The recently popular drama "Only Thirty" showed us various possibilities of a woman in her thirties.

Some people had a happy family when they first appeared on scene and couldn't help changing their minds after a man became famous;

Whether it's an independent strong woman or a housewife, they seem to see their shadows in them.

And stories of these three women reveal most brutal truth about marriage: it really matters who you're with.

"Thirty Only" reveals true desire for marriage, who is really important with whom

It's exhausting to be with someone who doesn't understand you

Zhong Xiaoqin and Chen Yu became first divorced couple.

When they got married, young couple were sweet and inseparable and agreed that they would go to Civil Affairs Bureau only once in their lives.

But after we really lived our lives with wood, rice, oil, salt, ginger and vinegar tea, different frequencies of these two components gradually came to light.

As Zhong Xiaoqin said: I breed cats, he breeds fish.

The three views are inconsistent, tempo is not unified, and they do not understand each other.

Zhong Xiaoqin is a person who needs a sense of security, but Chen Yu never understands this and never expresses his care and love for her.

He still doesn't understand that she wants two people to live ordinary lives with smoke and fire, and not live apart like roommates; pick up your phone and go about your business.

He doesn't understand either, Zhong Xiaoqin doesn't really want to live such a mediocre life with all his heart and wants to strive for best. But all her efforts in his eyes are just immature games.

"Thirty Only" reveals true desire for marriage, who is really important with whom

He even said in front of Zhong Xiaoqin that at age of thirty, she was actually underage.

And such offensive words he said more than once over years.

As Zhang Xiaoxian said, "The harm a man does to a woman isn't necessarily that he fell in love with someone else, but that he let her down when she was looking forward to it and he didn't." did". help her when she was weak. .”

When you are at your most vulnerable, there is no shoulder to lean on; when you are sad there are no hugs to keep you warm; when you most need someone to accompany you, other person is always busy.

It's very tiring to be with someone who doesn't understand themselves.

Su Tseng once said:

People who understand you will love you way you need to.

A person who does not understand you will love you way he needs.

So person who understands you often gets twice result for half effort. He loves freely and you enjoy happiness.

People who don't understand you often achieve twice as much with half as much effort. He loves deeply, and you suffer greatly.

In a world of two, it's harder to understand than to love.

When you're with someone who doesn't understand you, you'll have a hard time with each other; only when you are with someone who understands you can you reap happiness.

"Thirty Only" reveals true desire for marriage, who is really important with whom

It hurts to be with someone who deceives you

Van Munny has to be worst woman cheated by men in entire series.

During cruise, she met Liang Zhengxian, a wealthy, jovial and very flirtatious man.

In beginning, when Liang Zhengxian said that he was not married, she also doubted it and specifically asked her best friend Gu Jia to investigate. After making sure that he is not married, I can communicate with him with confidence.

Unfortunately, this love, which is too beautiful to be true, is a scam after all.

Liang Zhengxian, known as "No Marriage Doctrine", actually has a real girlfriend in Hong Kong who has been dating for seven years. It's not a wife, it's a wife.

After this "sea king" got tired of playing, real girl Zhao Jingyu found Wang Munni and told her everything.

When two first started flirting, he took Van Munny for a boat ride, saying that ticket booked half a year ago was for his ex-girlfriend, but in fact he was going to give it to any "short-term girlfriend" he liked, Van MANNY But just in time.

Whenever he came to Shanghai to find Wang Munni, he would either go to her house or take her to a hotel, but in fact he clearly had a home in Shanghai.

"Thirty Only" reveals true desire for marriage, who is really important with whom

From beginning to end, Liang Zhengxian never told truth.

Wang Manni was completely offended by fact that she paid scumbag with her heart. Upon learning truth, she cried hysterically and lost her job because of it.

Some people say that lies are sharpest thorn in love.

A person who truly loves you will not lie to you, but will simply want to open his true heart to you.

As for a man who constantly lies and deceives you out of habit, no matter how extravagant his words are, he is definitely not 100% sincere with you.

With a person who deceives you, momentary happiness is just a dream. After lies have been exposed, all that's left is a mess and a holey heart.

"Thirty Only" reveals true desire for marriage, who is really important with whom

It hurts to be with wrong person

Gu Jia is an almost full-fledged wife with an ideal character.

In terms of career, I encourage my husband to retire and start his own business, as well as accompany him all way to start from scratch. She can handle difficult clients and solve crisis of company. It can be said that without her, her husband Xu Huanshan would not have been so successful.

Family, he retreated to second line so that he could take care of child to best of his ability, while he himself could go to hall and kitchen, cook good meals and act decisively when his son was bullied. .

But even such an "ideal wife" could not prevent a successful middle-aged man from getting carried away with wild flowers.

Through cooperation with Beijing Amusement Park, Xu Huanshan met Lin Yu, attracted by girls' admiration, praise, and vitality, and stepped into abyss of deceit.

He struggled and refused, but in end, he still couldn't resist temptation and even began to often lie about it to Gu Jia.

Smart as Gu Jia, she quickly discovered from clues that something was wrong with her husband.

I have loved and been with me for many years, and I gave all my youth and energy to a person, but I am not true to myself. Such mental pain is tantamount to a strong stab in heart, profuse bleeding.

It doesn't look like middle-aged man is cheating.

"Thirty Only" reveals true desire for marriage, who is really important with whom

I saw a Facts Talk poll: Under what circumstances do you usually cheat?

Respondents of different age groups gave surprisingly similar answers: none.

And this is worst thing.

There is no particular reason, maybe it's just a difference of opinion, maybe just fatigue from mediocrity, which will cast an indelible shadow on marriage.

So cheating is justified?

To love new and not to love old is a human instinct, but human choice is to be loyal and purposeful.

The "Grandmaster" said: "Those who are not in time must be restrained and they will not cross threshold in their lives."

An unfaithful person is not worthy of your sincerity, not to mention your sadness.

After a heartache, first thing to do when you regain your sanity is to draw a clean line with it and break it off.

There are only zero and countless betrayals. People who aren't committed to their relationship and don't relate to their lover don't deserve a second chance.

"Thirty Only" reveals true desire for marriage, who is really important with whom

It matters who you are with

Jin Xing said, "You don't need too many criteria to choose a lover, as long as there are three things: don't lie to you, don't hurt you, and stay with you."

When you're with someone who doesn't understand you, you end up with nothing to say;

Together with person who deceives you, until end of dream;

With unfaithful people, you will end up sad.

So, in marriage it is very important who you are with.

For rest of your life, you should be with someone who understands you, loves you, doesn't lie to you, and is faithful to you.

Trust each other, communicate with each other, be honest with each other, and walk through life hand in hand.

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