'Only Thirty' Scrolls Screen, 20 Adult Truths That Are More Heartbreaking Than Deception

'Only Thirty' Scrolls Screen, 20 Adult Truths That Are More Heartbreaking Than Deception

Recently, play "Only thirty" has become popular. In play, three women, soon to be 30, experience a turning point in their lives.

Gu Jia is "life winner" we envy. She personally transformed her husband from a fireworks programmer to a "Mr. facing a third-party crisis."

Wang Manni is a thirty-year-old unmarried "remnant girl". She has a beautiful appearance and mind. She firmly believes that she deserves a better man, but when a "good man" does show up, she suddenly becomes confused.

Zhong Xiaoqin is standard majority. When it was time to get married, she got married on a blind date. She had a regular and stable job, but gradually it became difficult for her to maintain a respectful attitude towards herself. wedding.

'Only Thirty' Scrolls Screen, 20 Adult Truths That Are More Heartbreaking Than Deception

Observing their struggles at age of 30, Wuxin formulated 20 life principles and shared them with you.


A truly strong woman never holds her face

After Gu Jia realized that her husband was being seduced by her subordinate Li Ke, she was in no hurry to get angry, but bought a bunch of identical oranges and sent them to company, bypassing "third party". who tried to intervene and forced him to leave.

In fact, sometimes worst thing is not hostess, but she herself, who panics first.

Some people lose face and lose their marriage over a moment of pleasure.

But powerful women know that "calm" is much more effective than "bluff".

'Only Thirty' Scrolls Screen, 20 Adult Truths That Are More Heartbreaking Than Deception


Looking casual takes a lot of work

Gu Jia is a victorious life that everyone envy, but no one knows how hard she worked to send her husband to position of "President Xu" and how she desperately helped him through crisis time after time.

In fact, behind everyone who smiles calmly, there is a soul that gritted its teeth.

Just like "one minute on stage, ten years off stage", only years of hard work can lead to agility on stage.

So if you want to succeed, put in ten times as much effort first.

'Only Thirty' Scrolls Screen, 20 Adult Truths That Are More Heartbreaking Than Deception


So-called luck is just an opportunity to meet your efforts

It was no coincidence that Van Munny was eventually able to sign a million order, but because she insisted on "serving with a smile" to every customer ever since she entered industry.

If a cake falls from sky and hits unprepared people, it will be nothing more than a headache.

Opportunities can only be used for their original value if they are in hands of those who work hard.

The so-called "good fortune" is simply a person who silently works hard and is finally rewarded for suffering.


This world makes no sense

Gu Jia is talented and charming, but she still has to curry favor with Ms. Wang, who "couldn't even tell Monet from Van Gogh."

Is there any way, this world never makes sense, only accepts victory or defeat.

We may not be able to change rules of game, but we can push ourselves a little.

Remember, world is kinder to you when you are stronger.

'Only Thirty' Scrolls Screen, 20 Adult Truths That Are More Heartbreaking Than Deception


Only those who can control their emotions can control their lives

The blind date partner who was being blackmailed by Van Munny brought a new companion to store to humiliate her, but she suppressed her displeasure and kept her professional service. Instead, she allowed other side to spend a lot of money to boost her productivity.

Life is too long, you can meet people and things that make you unhappy at any time and your emotions will naturally go up and down.

No one is born to know how to control their emotions, but strong people always pay attention to not giving in to bad emotions.


You consider others your contacts, others only consider you your avatar

After taking pictures with wealthy wives, Gu Jia found out in their circle of friends that she was immediately fired.

Actually, some people also like to add all sorts of "wonderful people" as friends, trying to find ways to meet more powerful people, thinking they are expanding their network of contacts.

As everyone knows, essence of interpersonal relationships is exchange of resources. If you don't have resources, good people will only treat you like an avatar on their friend list.

'Only Thirty' Scrolls Screen, 20 Adult Truths That Are More Heartbreaking Than Deception


If you want to communicate between classes, you need an appropriate specialty

Gu Jia's husband is just owner of a small company, but she has successfully squeezed herself into "circle of wives" of upper class, and she can make up for absence of Ms. Wang, principal of school, with all her knowledge. .

In fact, everyone wants to go beyond class and get more powerful network resources.

But you are realists. People from upper strata of society are more realistic. No one will look down on useless people.

If you want others to recognize you, you need to demonstrate some real skills first.


A kind old man who doesn't know how to refuse, all her good things are cheap

In every workplace, there is a kind old man like Zhong Xiaoqin who will help with everything. Over time, position was not promoted, but he became a "laborer".

As everyone knows, to help others, you need to choose right time: if you help others when they are in a critical situation, this is called timely provision of charcoal;

When you help others in the moment of life and death, this is called friendship;

If you help out with little things like pouring coffee and receiving faxes, it's called "handy".

'Only Thirty' Scrolls Screen, 20 Adult Truths That Are More Heartbreaking Than Deception


The level of comfort you say determines height you can achieve

Watching this drama, I feel most of all that everyone should learn how to speak from Gu Jia.

No matter who target is, Gu Jia can calm other person's emotions with a few words, let go of their guards, and open her heart.

If IQ determines a person's lower limit, then EQ determines their upper limit. These "successful people" often achieve their careers by talking and laughing.

If you don't like other person's speech, it must be because "you are unworthy".


Your body determines how long your relationship with your family will last.

Wang Manni fought to end, due to acute nephritis, she passed out at home and was sent to the hospital. No matter how busy Gu Jia was, she never forgot to exercise every day, just to be able to spend more time with son.

All our lives we have worked hard to make ourselves and our families better.

But after a serious illness, I realized that no matter how much money you earn, if you do not have a good body to enjoy, it is all in vain.

So when you're desperate, don't forget to save your life and cheer each other up.

'Only Thirty' Scrolls Screen, 20 Adult Truths That Are More Heartbreaking Than Deception


Shut up is greatest kindness in life

Parents asked children with epilepsy to drop out of school together as a group. This story reminded Wan Jun of a time ago, after Miao Kexin jumped off a building and died, a group of parents praised class teacher in group.

The American educator Connor said: "If a person cannot control his speech, then he is just a highly educated beast."

Actually, we may have to weigh pros and cons, but if you can't be a good person who stands your ground, learn to keep quiet and at least be a less bad person.


The best education you can give your children is three views

Only Gu Jia does not agree that children with epilepsy are dropping out of school: "I don't want my son to learn about discrimination in kindergarten first."

This remark not only left behind a sick child, but also drew everyone's attention to her and her son.

In fact, education that parents can bring to their children for life is three of your views.

In real world, no one wants to work with people with a bad temper, so it's much more important to teach a child to be a person than to teach him to do something.

'Only Thirty' Scrolls Screen, 20 Adult Truths That Are More Heartbreaking Than Deception


If you let bad guys live, you're looking for a dead end

Wang Manni showed no mercy to her colleague who set her up and firmly stated: "I was punished, and so was she."

I think it's very nice how can a person who can stab someone in back change their mind, keep such a person in workplace and always beware of being stabbed again by her.

There is a saying that "to be kind to your enemy is to be cruel to yourself." As an adult, you should understand that being a good person depends on chance.


I can't take it anymore, I don't have to take it anymore

When Gu Jia gave in everywhere, Muzi's mother refused to let her go, until Gu Jia resisted one day and other party dutifully dropped out of school.

From childhood, we know that patience is a virtue, but as we grow up, we find that for these foolish people, patience is a kind of indulgence.

Have the courage to resist once, maybe there will be a better result.

Try to hurt this bad guy, once is enough.

'Only Thirty' Scrolls Screen, 20 Adult Truths That Are More Heartbreaking Than Deception


Perfection is not reason why women are loved, but result of loving women

Because Gu Jia met a man who loved her, she got better and better after marriage, while Zhong Xiaoqin made herself worse after marrying a man who didn't love her enough.

When you are loved, your strengths can be established and you will become a better person with support of your lover.

And when you are not loved, your virtues become flaws, and your flaws multiply endlessly. In end, you will only lose your love and find yourself.


All contempt you once had is reason for success of others

Colleagues ridiculed Van Munny "even for guards."

But it was precisely because she flattered guards that her clients were able to drive directly, helping to improve their performance.

Smart people will not miss any opportunity to succeed because of ridicule of others.

So, instead of speaking sourly through colored glasses, it is better to lower your body and humbly ask for advice, learn to lower yourself, and only then can you rise higher.

'Only Thirty' Scrolls Screen, 20 Adult Truths That Are More Heartbreaking Than Deception


Never hate your opponent or you will lose your sanity

Van Munny's colleagues tried to squeeze her out by framing her, but instead they harmed her.

When you run into someone who works harder and better than you, if you carelessly get angry, you will only fail in end.

Anyone who can be your opponent should be taller than you. Don't let hate influence your judgment.

By learning to respect your opponents, you have actually increased your competitiveness in disguise.


The only thing that can save you is your unintentional kindness

Wang Munni met Zhong Xiaoqin by chance and lent her two hundred yuan. Shortly after she faced a severe workplace crisis, it was Zhong Xiaoqin who stepped forward and saved her.

Life is like that, every good deed you do, every kindness you give to others, will come to your side to save you in a difficult period of your life, in darkest moment of your life after beating around bush.

Please be a warm person.

'Only Thirty' Scrolls Screen, 20 Adult Truths That Are More Heartbreaking Than Deception


You are very expensive, no one can afford it

"After thirty you're worthless" Almost all women have heard this phrase.

However, you must clearly understand that you study hard, work hard and make yourself better not to please someone, but to please yourself.

Before you can make others think of you, you must have a high opinion of yourself. Never treat yourself like a commodity for sale.

Remember, you are expensive and no one can afford it.


The only way to not worry about a country road is to drive longer on main road

When people are over thirty, each of them has their own doubts. Someone is in a hurry to get married, someone is in a hurry to have children, and someone is in a hurry to save money for rest of their lives.

Regardless of which choice you choose, you leave yourself an outlet.

But life is full of variables, you never know what will happen tomorrow.

The only way to stop worrying is to keep your head up and move forward.

When there's a clear road ahead, you don't have to worry about not going anywhere.

May you live a long life hearing many truths.

I am unintentional, paying attention to me gives me motivation to move forward

Intentionally pick flowers and flowers will not bloom, but unintentionally planted willows and willows will create shade

No heart, no soul, never gets old and never dies

------ Cool innocent mushroom