People wanna get up, you gotta hold your breath

People wanna get up, you gotta hold your breath

Original: Li Sheng


When something happens

Just allow yourself to sit down and calm down. You can roll over

Many times

You thought you hit rock bottom

People wanna get up, you gotta hold your breath


Actually, it's when you kill yourself and come back to life


You should know that there will be dawn. The sun always comes after a thunderstorm

Zeng Shiqiang

The passage I said is very meaningful and philosophical


I think. Many times. My own failure

Often it comes from an inability to hold back

When something happens

I don't know. Sit down and hold your breath

On contrary. Stop. Get started right away

The more anxious heart

The more things develop, less they can develop in direction you want


It will get worse

This is actually end of my eager finale


I want to continue on my path

What I want to do

When something happens, sit down and calm down


While you

If you have courage to die and live again, you can hold your breath

When you already

Cut off all escape routes

You have shown great determination. Resolute. If you fail, you will succeed

On surface

You have no way out

In fact, you are making progress every step of way.

When there is nothing to fear

No more fear. All your power

All your energy

Everything will break out with a powerful force to help you

Don't think

In a hopeless situation. I have no way out

There is only one dead end for me. I'm actually alive.

You can only hold your breath

Your situation will be smooth. Your life will be smooth.

Tell yourself

This is a big deal. You need to sit down

Calm down

Calm down. Think about it

The most suitable

The best solution

Don't let yourself. Leave regrets. Don't let yourself. Miss. Best Choice


How many people in life

Not incompetent

This was overcome by my own temperament

Always feel


Love Above All

It's actually humane


When you are in business

Don't be too emotional

Put your emotions first

Then you won't make money

There is an offer on Internet

Say so. Businessman. What you need to do is


Let money bring money. This

A capital-based business



I want to achieve a lot


Don't get emotional

Be calm. Hold back your feelings. Learn to use your mind. Face it


When you do this

When you hold your breath

You will find it. You flipped because of this

This is also

Tell me

In face of choice

Let's think

This is case

Calm down first. Discuss countermeasures

To enda

The one who survives to end often wins

Always a winner

Surviving to end is often a blessing in life

Many times

When there is one thing that might bother you

When you can't decide


What you want is just a quick fix for mess. Decide now


When our thoughts are confused

Lost ability to think rationally

Do not sit down at this time. Hold your breath

The result of this is often wrong. You will regret it

Many words

If you blurted out without thinking about your brain


Sometimes you do more than hurt others

Sometimes you hurt yourself


While you are talking

Others will resist you

If you hit back, you will get hurt


Everyone needs to grow

So, whenever

When I want to speak out


Calm down

Calm down, think, do you have to say this?


When you think

You already know answer

You're lucky you didn't blurt out

Adult feelings

Mature feelings. Never again

I want to play my anger

Just playing with your character and wanting to love

Simply love. If you want to leave, you can leave directly

Indeed. It's not easy

True. Need to calm down

Indeed. Something to think about


Just make yourself grow up

Force yourself to calm down, force yourself to hold your breath

All features

It will become possible. Only then will I be able to get up

I finally got it

Finally, I woke up. This life is really hard. She is actually very bitter


It's already night

Dawn still far away?


Because of such consciousness

It's happening. Finally. If you are in full bloom, butterflies will appear by themselves


Only when heart

Really calm down

Maybe only when heart

It really doesn't hurt anymore

Ignore and take care of yourself again


Only you can calm down. Only then can you calm down. Only then can you get up


I have to force myself

Forcing myself to admit it

Forcing myself to accept

Put yourself in a stalemate and die to survive

Finally, hold your breath, everything will be as promised.