Development of hotel members is poor Redemption rate is low Where are problems and how to solve these problems

Original: Li Sheng

Explore hotel members


Complex comprehension ability. This is also practice

In constant accumulation and real combat

You will find that most hotels are members

Many more problems

For example:


Problems with tool selection


Unreasonable member construction


Manage expectations of absent attendees


The conditions and benefits of promotion are unreasonable


No member management


Striving for quick success


Point thinking

Lack of systematic understanding of participants


Insufficient strategy for development of participants. Insufficient training

The above are just common problems

About Membership Development


The development of hotel members is not good

First, create a pricing structure based on membership system


Promotion conditions

Member Benefits

Member Card and Savings Policy, Incentives Policy, etc.


Look at total membership

Vulnerabilities affected development and conversion of participants


Need to pay attention to membership card design and stored value design

Many hotels do not offer membership privileges

In general

Discount or credit

Member not created

I'm different.Such a psychological feeling


Hotel review required

Is there an incentive policy for development of participants, training of participants in conversion


After three major aspects have been resolved


Change speed and quality of membership development

Someone here can tell

I don't see you mention joint division


Sharing for room oriented hotels

Mostly no effect

If catering accepts stored cost splitting, it will have some effect

About Buyback Rate

This question

The main logic is in membership creation phase


This will also depend on whether membership tool supports

Hotel location

Products, services and value for money

So basically today

Discuss problem of redeeming members from point of view of membership system

Need to understand

First concept: What is purpose of participation

In fact, he encourages hotel to become a member

The main goal is to make member buybacks


After understanding this concept

When creating and selecting tools

You will consider how to increase buyout percentage

What strategies and methods are used

Through which

This feature can increase redemption rate of members


The hotel already has tools

Offers available from


Membership Card, Stored Value, Expectation Management

Promotion conditions

Voucher, etc.

Really optimize variable part


Key buyout scenarios need to be understood

Change members' behavior about repeat purchases

Use these methods

To solve low repeat purchase rate of members

This also compensates for this

The member tool does not have a feature to increase number of repeat purchases for members

How to understand

The hotel eliminates irrational construction and loopholes

Unsatisfactory development of participants. The problem of low percentage of redemption of participants

Diagnosis of participation system

This is mainly done in order to analyze and evaluate how current members are doing

There was a problem

In construction or in progress

If during assembly

We need to start with construction details

This will fundamentally solve problem

If at runtime

This is a problem of motivation or opportunity

It's still a matter of will. Or a question of tools

Membership Optimization Implementation Plan

According to diagnostics of membership system. Prepare an optimization modification plan

Membership development strategy and method implementation plan

Membership based diagnostics

Based on situation of hotel staff

Draw a Membership Development Implementation Plan

Implementation plan to improve buyout rate of participants

Combined with hotel customer positioning

Goods, services, people

Mechanism for writing a plan to improve redemption rate for participants

Counseling + targeted training

The solutions I mentioned above aim to solve key problems

Make targeted adjustments and implement them

Hotel members

This is core of private domain traffic

This is important not only for business hotels


An all-encompassing star hotel is also very important



An integral part of building marketing channels

Summary of idea for "Hundreds of Battles". For hotel application only. A touch of stone to gold