Hotel managers, you must have kind of mindset I mentioned.

Hotel managers, you must have kind of mindset I mentioned.

Original: Li Sheng

Reason One

Have you ever heard of wolves?

The general manager asked VP

If I transfer yard to your control

At this time, pig was furious because of bad feed

The dog sleeps in middle of night because he is too tired to guard door

The donkey is lethargic because mill is too dirty. What to do?

Hotel managers, you must have kind of mindset I mentioned.

The VP thought about it

I want to change feed for pigs and reasonably organize load on dogs

Improve donkeys' habitat at mill, calm them down and stabilize their hearts

The General Manager sighed

If so, our hospital is in danger

You have to tell them wolf is coming

External competition is main driver of development

All complaints are just excuses

When we

When I was still complaining to each other inside

Actually, wolf has arrived

Reason 2

What does it mean to catch a train?

Let me tell you about one

Personal experiences of people I've met

One day I was in a hurry to catch a train due to lack of time

While I was squeezing into subway, a man stepped on me hard

The other side makes a sound

I didn't say sorry

During normal times

I will definitely stop to express my dissatisfaction and guilt


At that time, all I could do was take train

It's forbidden in this unexpected incident

Spend extra time and energy


Feel your feet hurt

So this little thing was quickly missed

This did not affect process of boarding train

This is end of my story

The reason is that today I want to go through these two stories

Discuss following


Goodbye linear thinking

As soon as most people have problems

Everyone will get into trouble

Rarely takes a step back and jumps out of problem

Think about root of problem

I mostly stay at home

About management method of "treating your head if you have a headache and treating your foot if your foot hurts"


In progress

It always focuses on a certain point


Typically, a leak occurs at some point

Our emergency solution is also suitable for this purpose


In case of emergency

Requires deep thinking

A point problem often hides a linear problem

And a question in a line

This is often caused by a problem on one surface

And same problem


The entire control network is flawed

This is a way of thinking that goes back to origins

This is also a habit of managerial thinking that hotel managers should develop


Look at car from a higher level

Place a hotel

Compared to machine

Then we must learn to look at car from a higher level

Higher Level Thinking

Does not apply to higher-level thinking


Referring to looking at things from top to bottom

As if you see yourself and whole earth from space

This remarkintelligible angle

You will see connections between continents, countries and oceans


You can also see more details

You can see your country up close

Your city

Then to your neighborhood and finally to your environment

From a macro point of view

You are right about something

Gaining a deeper understanding than just walking around house

If you

Focus on completing each individual task

You will inevitably be busy


You can focus on building and managing machines

It will continue to pay off


Crisis awareness and purpose


The reason for habit of complaining

There is often no sense of crisis and lack of clear goals

If a person has a clear goal

His radar of awareness

Every detail of moment will be closely related to goal

Be human

Strive for goal

You will be guided by a strong mission

Stumbling along way

None of them will affect themselves - on a great mission

in front


Not enough to cause complaints by automatically shielding energy dissipation

Instead, collect all information you can to help you achieve your goals

Immersed in process of chasing a dream

Although there are many difficulties

But you

Enjoy thrill of fighting and overcoming difficulties

A sense of accomplishment, excitement and no time to complain

Awareness Radar

Please look for every detail near target...


People should always keep a sense of crisis and be mindful of mission sprint goal


Complaints and Energy

The energy of each person is limited

Be human

When too much energy is wasted complaining about it

This must mean his brain lacks clear direction

The management of life energy is dissipative, not concentrated

Applicant's awareness

Radar indicates injustice and debt


This can only show that heart of complaining one tends to fail

This way you will find people who like to complain

There will be more and more complaints

The result is full of complaints

—— Actually

Angry at her own laziness and incompetence


People who often complain

This is an unintentional drain of precious energy, they don't understand life energy management