3 modes.Determine future of hotel chains.Fateful point? There are such? let me tell you

3 modes.Determine future of hotel chains.Fateful point? There are such? let me tell you

Original: Li Sheng

3 modes.Determine future of hotel chains.Fateful point? There are such? let me tell you

The number of regional hotel chains is increasing

Scaling up followed

Design and polishing 3 modes


Multiple contact hotel chains of different sizes

Typically, you will encounter following problems


Problems between (relationships between) headquarters and stores

This is a group management and control category


Current situation (mother is strong and son is weak) or (son is strong and mother is weak)


Lack of talent training system

To put it simply, (a good store owner) is bad at training and bad at recruiting


The direction of development is vague

No clear development goal

There is also no practical planning

Missing top-level design at strategic level


No systematic closed loop


There is strong market pressure and price pressure

There is a lot of pressure on talent and so on...


(Firefighting) everyone is too busy

How can I make system in time?


The system as a whole is not enough

Lack of learning ability

Together (not enough capacity for systematic learning)

Represented in real work

New problems are solved by old methods

Bad effect! The main problem is that capacity for systematic learning is not enough


In general, industry is fast-paced

There aren't many hotel chains that can settle down and manage carefully (bottom line)

Good work

Either this is too ambitious, or there are too many changes

The market itself is changing, but management is stable

If you change control frequently

This hotel chain is sure to be in big trouble


More questions

There are also many good hotel chains

If you want to systematically solve above problems

I think we need to start with following three aspects


Development model

Simply put

This is positioning, development direction and development goals of hotel chain.


After determining positioning and development direction of hotel chain

Development goals are especially important


It is necessary to combine not only our own resources and abilities

There is also a clear judgment about regional market

If your own resources and capabilities cannot meet your development goals


You need to adjust your goals

Either look for resources or augment your abilities


In one-step discovery mode

What's updo (share) or do (incremental)

Need to clarify whether to invest alone or join a partnership

From point of view of stock market

The hotel chain also needs to think clearly

Why do people join you?


We need to (research) this key point

First of all, you have to convince yourself. Then you will have opportunity to convince others

Think deeper

You need to view operations from a development perspective


Operating mode

Operating mode normally

Escrow, discretionary, partnership

Fixed Return System, Traditional Authorized Franchise

In terms of mode of operation


The chain's headquarters has strong market capabilities

Especially practical online OTA capabilities and offline channel management capabilities

At hotel

Inside should also be able to (keep customers) how-to guide

Here is result, process is daily maintenance

Because of hotel

Too much focus on development scale

Often weak in terms of specific operations

I entrusted management of hotel to manager

Nice to meet a store manager with great ability

If there are not enough abilities, there will be problems with character

The store will then be mostly in a permanent state

One more thing

This is also a disadvantage of modern regional chain hotels

The value of a hotel direct sales membership system

Especially franchise stores


I can't do it at moment

They think it's for brand (dowry)


Key to this practical problem

In process of creating and implementing a membership system

Need a good solution for (transaction structure)


Control mode

General group management

There are three main modes

Strategic management, business management and financial management

By region

The situation with chain hotels can develop according to five models

This is financial

Control some or focus on running business

To be defined according to your hotel implementation


One of difficulties is related to management and control of franchise stores

After appointing a store manager

If headquarters

No other support

Especially marketing support

After franchise store's occupancy and operating income went bad

Side brand control will be invalid


I didn't make money by joining you


Three modes - one system

Each mode cannot (standalone)

As a region

The hotel chain is natural

It is necessary to stand on basis of these three models in order to see development of whole hotel

Smarter layout and planning

Not only solve (key)

Competence of candidate for position

Create a Key Development Path

Not only

To make hotel as a whole (profitable)


Subscribers) have dreams and a future