Do you count this bow? I use 6 ways of thinking. Break you. If you don't believe me, look

Do you count this bow? I use 6 ways of thinking. Break you. If you don't believe me, look

Original: Li Sheng


A few years ago, everyone began to notice that market space for the entire Chinese sports brand is very large

Do you count this bow? I use 6 ways of thinking. Break you. If you don't believe me, look

The number of athletes is increasing every year, and people's awareness of sport is getting stronger and stronger. As long as there are sporting goods stores, sales will be good

But with constant development of e-commerce

New channels appear one after another, and offline store business is getting worse and worse,

Some Treasure and Duoduo retail below store's purchase price, and offline traffic is becoming less and less

Staff attitude is getting more and more lethargic, if you were owner of this sporting goods store what would you do

People with different levels of thinking at present

Interpret question in a completely different way. We will also use this store story

Look at 6 levels of thinking that match pattern and capabilities of people


Brain logic divided into six layers

When our brain processes data

It is usually divided into six levels, and some people use very simple six words to explain it

Environment, behavior, abilities, beliefs, personality, spirit

1. Environment Level - External Attribution

The business of store is dull

They will complain that Ma Yun and Liu Qiangdong are too hateful, make a mess online and offline, and store employees are too hateful

Not working every day, passively relaxing at work, their thoughts and emotions are completely dependent on environment

It is common for them to complain

"Environment" means external conditions

People whose way of thinking is at level of environment, focus on external environment and love "external attribution"

Believing that problems are someone else's fault or that circumstances are bad

Do you count this bow? I use 6 ways of thinking. Break you. If you don't believe me, look

2. Level of Behavior - Subjective Initiative

Unsatisfactory business

They will try to show their subjective initiative and use actions to bring about change

They think I should work harder and harder, if employees are passive and sabotage, then I will work harder

If 10 hours isn't enough, I'll work 20 hours. I don't believe this shop can't work

The way people think at action level focuses on their actual actions in environment

They think problem is their lack of action, and their main way to deal with it is

"Action, action, action"

3. Ability layer - choice of options

Things are going bad

They will think what went wrong, why I didn't succeed, why traffic dropped

I will look for directions to expand my options. If old management model has fallen behind, I need to find best practices to arm myself

People with abilities need to be able to recognize their own choices. Do I have a choice?

What else is possible? What special ability? This ability includes use of skills and control of emotions

People whose way of thinking is at level of ability

Focus on improving abilities, they like "internal attribution" and finding gaps

The main way to overcome difficulties is "learn, learn, learn"

4. Belief Level - Value Proposition

After they discovered things weren't going well

Not only to determine which ability can be fixed, but also to find important issues and sort them out

Priority issues are dealt with first. How should things go? What is important and significant

What can be gained or lost

People whose way of thinking is at level of beliefs

Pay more attention to what matters most to them and what they really want. These answers will help them stick to a set of beliefs and values ​​in their lives to cope with everything

The main way to overcome difficulties is to "do right thing"

5. Identity Level - Social Identity

How does person or company see themselves?

What is their status in this society? What is their positioning?

What kind of personality do they want to use to realize meaning of their lives

People whose way of thinking is at this level

Focusing on who I am, main ways to overcome difficulties:

"Because of who I am, I make certain choices and actions"

Do you count this bow? I use 6 ways of thinking. Break you. If you don't believe me, look

Identity determines his beliefs, values ​​and abilities

6. Spiritual layer - change world

There are very few people in this world who can reach spiritual level

Because they think about relationships with world


"To live is to change world"


"I really hope that humanity has a bright future",

Mother Teresa "give world best you have

It may never be enough, but do your best anyway"

No matter what career they choose

Born to change world, born to create value for world, born to create prosperity and wealth for society

When a person talks about meaning of their life, or a company talks about its contribution to society,

Turns on "spiritual" level

People whose way of thinking is on a spiritual level

Focus on question "What is my relationship with world? How can I change world

". His main coping method is “How to change world for better? "


The top three levels are ahead of bottom three

Stories in sports shops

We see that upper limit of a person's thinking largely determines his model and effect of handling things

The same

Problems that cannot be solved in eyes of a person with a low-dimensional perspective can be seen in eyes of a person with an arrogant perspective

The problem can be easily fixed or even disappear on its own

Same situation

Extract solutions from different parties for analysis

Each higher-level inference renders lower-level problems meaningless


E-commerce is to blame, laziness of employees is to blame


Work 10 hours more than other stores to see if they can turn a profit


What are options and possibilities? Should I learn advanced e-commerce sales and management techniques?


In complex changes of time, understand unchanging essence, make client center and strive for foundation


I want to not only open this store well, but also open 10 more,

With 100 stores, after storefront reorganization, company will cooperate online and offline to become industry leader in driving traffic


Predict future environment and development trends of e-commerce and fully understand everything that will happen in this area

Make decision that best suits your ideas and aspirations for now, and look forward to future


Do you count this bow? I use 6 ways of thinking. Break you. If you don't believe me, look

Relationship between top three layers and bottom three layers

Just like an object and an object's shadow, changing an object's shadow will inevitably change

Many people or companies are confused by fact that too much attention is paid to completing bottom three levels

But rarely stop to think deeply about top three layers

But really

Whether it's a person or a company, it's led by top three levels

The top level is compatible with bottom level, but not vice versa. For example, identity-based thinking can solve problem of ability-based thinking

But thinking with abilities cannot solve problem of identity

In person

It is through his identity and way of spiritual thinking that Jobs will continue to innovate and drive innovation

For business

Drucker's classic three questions "what is our business"

» «What is our business? “What should be our business? "

The most important thing at moment

Perhaps order will be completely different in long run

How does a dying person not think that most important thing in this life is power and money

The meaning of 6 levels of thought


Everything that is connected with our life, we will give some meaning

There are so many meetings in life

We deal with this all time and often become passive and confused due to being busy not knowing what to do

What's important;

I can't tell which things are trivial and which have a huge impact on life

If we can devote most of our time and energy to things of far-reaching significance

The accumulated effect will naturally bring us closer to ideal top line

From environment to third level of ability, we are consciously exposed to it every day, so it is dominated by consciousness

From faith, value to a high level of spirit, we rarely think intentionally in our daily lives

But in fact, everything we do in life is dominated by these three layers

Do you count this bow? I use 6 ways of thinking. Break you. If you don't believe me, look

They are controlled by subconscious

This is often not easy to explain

But it is determining factor for success or failure in life

You can say

The low level of environmental adaptability is a projection of three high levels or a visualization in real life

The lower problem level

The easier it is to solve. Problems in everyday life are mainly related to environment and behavior

When problem is at level of beliefs or identity, solution is usually more difficult

In general

A low-level problem can be easily solved at a higher level

On contrary

High level problem with low level solution hard to see results

Do it all alone

If 6 levels can be consecutive, he will be physically and mentally consistent, will do his best to do it, and be happy

He's working again. On contrary, things are not going well

If there is pressure or emotion, then there is an inconsistent situation on 6th floor

Levels of understanding

Let's just find out cause of problem or problem and it will be faster

Think of it as a "root cause"

Understand these 6 levels of thinking

It's better for us to change our mentality

Moving from low-level skills to high-level skills, low-level skills simply change behavior or add parameters

And higher mentality makes change really happen