What is essence of hotel management

The complexity of hotel management is due to changes in two factors: the market and people.

The most noticeable feature of market changes is severe competition and constant diversion of customers, changes in people, firstly, needs of customers have changed, more and more personalized, and more and more striving for spiritual satisfaction; secondly, part of hotel The employees are getting younger and younger, and there will be post-95, and soon there will be post-00. If you use traditional management model, it may not work. It requires constant innovation. in hotel management to adapt to such changes.

In process of internal hotel management, there are three very important main tasks. Done right, our managerial work will become more orderly and efficient.

01 Set reasonable goals

Use SMART principle to set work goals according to real situation in hotel itself. Goals can be divided into monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual. Then, according to situation of each department, it is divided into each department, which is a very important task.

In goal setting process, it is relatively easy for sales department to set goals, and it may set some financial goals while other departments have some difficulty.

In daily work, you can also set goals for week based on situation in hospitality department, so that goals are closer to daily work of employees, and it would be good to take stock every week, find gaps and find Ways to capture a temporary process control node.

Especially for younger employees, understanding of purpose is relatively weak. After bosses set weekly goals and then give some suggestions or specific working methods, effect will be better.

02 Strengthen boundaries of governance

Employees over 95 tend to be more flexible and willing to play to their strengths to fullest, but they don't want to be restricted. Therefore, it is very important to strengthen boundaries of control.

In terms of system, Wendy believes that hotel managers need to be constantly promoted and highlighted. In this way, we can better achieve "prevention first", so that employees will not be punished after breaking system, so passive. If this is not done well, employee will leave without saying goodbye after one punishment.

03 Effective incentive methods

Wendy believes that good incentives can be achieved and hotel that employees want is simply achieved. At least give them dreams!

In promotion process, we usually use "proportional incentive method", that is, we motivate according to agreed amount of incentive in advance, and once goal is reached, incentive agreement will bewill be done. This is usually where stimulating effect ends.

In terms of motivation, Wendy suggests that there are usually three directions: material motivation, spiritual motivation, and growth motivation.

In terms of specific methods of motivation, Wendy suggested several methods for managing gamification, such as creating tension, motivating through uncertainty, deepening memory, having fun, etc.


Reward movie tickets, only one reward, so effect is better; leave work 2 hours early, employees really care; reward amount is not fixed, set a specific width; divide work goals into several levels, each level Earn points and rank according to total points for rewards or exchange for rewards.

The hotel management has come to a fork in road.Depending on situation of hotel, choice of innovation or adherence to traditional method will determine future of hotel.

In future, competition in hotel management will not only be about team, but also whether hotel management is a point or systematic management, and whether it can form a closed management cycle.

Mastering new knowledge and learning new methods will make competitors helpless.

Wendy really looks forward to connecting with friends in hotel industry, sharing experiences with each other, and progressing together so that we can improve operation of hotel and make customers more satisfied. Welcome to submit articles and exchanges.