Overview of audit of hotel revenue from banquets and consumption of rooms used in hotel

Guest rooms for banquets in hotel must be pre-approved by General Manager by signing an application for provision of a free / personal room in same format for hotel. The questionnaire must be submitted to hotel reception prior to arrival of hotel guests. .

Guest rooms used at hotel must also be authorized by General Manager by signing Free/Self-Use Application Form.

A hotel revenue audit should review Free/Self Use Claim Form to confirm availability of Free/Self Use Rooms. The claim form must include an explanation and reason for claiming free/self-catering accommodation, as well as billing codes associated with hotel (such as management, promotions, etc.).

According to rules, expenses incurred on such accounts must be paid on time and on schedule.

The hotel must transfer all consumption accounts of internal staff of hotel to staff account by specified date of each month, so that settlement at end of month can be completed in a timely manner in accordance with rules. .

All hotel employee ledger items must be paid within deadline set by hotel, or paid by deduction from employee's monthly salary.