Hotel Fire Action Plan

1. A fire is any burning phenomenon that gets out of control in time or space and causes damage to property and people. Among various disasters, fire is one of most frequent and common major disasters that threaten personal safety and safety of property.

2. The hotel should set up an emergency response center and a fire control center to facilitate uniform handling of various emergencies, and coordination and organization of various departments when a fire occurs.

If any employee detects signs of an abnormal smell of burning, smoke or flames, they should first observe fire situation and report to hotel's fire safety center as soon as possible.

3. The hotel emergency response team must fully understand specific situation in time and decide whether to issue instructions such as reporting to fire department, evacuating personnel and transferring property.

Organize emergency rescue team in store to gather at specified location in time, distribute workforce reasonably, and organize fire brigade responsible for controlling and extinguishing fire; rescue team is responsible for rescue. important materials and dangerous goods, and evacuation team is responsible for evacuation of personnel at facility;

The ambulance team is responsible for providing first aid and transporting wounded, disabled and handicapped to scene.

4. When hotel fire control center receives alarm information or detects that alarm means such as smoke and temperature detectors are activated, it should immediately organize staff to rush to scene to detect fire, organize staff on site to extinguish initial fire and, depending on situation, decide whether to notify telephone exchange in order to activate appropriate emergency communication procedures according to fire level;

At same time, fire extinguishing equipment, emergency broadcasting, evacuation lighting, fire shutters, fire doors, smoke exhaust, air supply systems and other signal points of monitoring and alarm system must be activated in a timely manner, depending on situation.

5. In event of a fire, all departments must act in concert in accordance with orders of superiors and fulfill their duties. Employees of each department must be on scene as soon as possible, personnel responsible for providing emergency assistance arrive and contact fire control center. Stay connected at any time to provide specific fire information in a timely manner.

At same time, it is necessary to use safe and fast methods to inform uninformed people in danger zone aroundd fire and use nearest fire fighting equipment as appropriate.

When a hotel issues an emergency evacuation order, keep all channels unblocked, evacuate guests and employees to a designated safe area outside building, and report progress in a timely manner.

6. The head of security department should promptly leave for temporary headquarters to assist in command, organize personnel to organize rescue operations and evacuation on spot, report on fire situation, and monitor development of fire. , judge spread of fire, maintain order outside store and provide fire protection. The passage of cars is unhindered, and monitoring of all entrances and exits from hotel is enhanced to prevent unauthorized personnel from entering hotel.

The technical department should arrange a responsible person to turn off air conditioner, cut off gas supply, turn off power, start emergency generator, etc. according to fire situation, to ensure normal use of fire elevator, rescue passengers stuck in elevator, and ensure water supply to spray pump, fire hydrant pump, etc. .

Ensure normal operation of emergency generators, normal supply of fire water sources and normal operation of equipment such as smoke extraction and air supply.

The front office department must inform telephone exchange to ensure uninterrupted communications in store, print out list of guests staying in hotel, maintain order in hotel lobby, and remove obstacles at door.

The room department should organize staff to quickly clear floor obstructions, count number of guests on each floor, and do a good job of calming down and recording guests who call with questions.

The catering department should arrange for staff to turn off open fires in kitchen immediately to reassure guests.

The human resources department should notify clinic in time to prepare for rescue of injured, quickly count number of employees in store, and arrange for dormitory administrators to organize staff duty in dormitory at any time.

The finance department should organize employees of foreign exchange offices, cash registers and subordinate offices to collect and store cash, bills, important documents, tickets, etc. commands to prepare for translation.

The office of general manager of hotel should report situation to all residents of hotel in a timely manner, collect all vehicles of hotel, transport injured as needed at any time, and prepare for settling down. and transferring important hotel files.

7. After fire, it is necessary to organize personnel to take photographs of affected area, help registration department and financial department tol list of losses and transfer it to hotel for delivery to insurance company. .

After necessary checks, with consent of CEO, remedial action should be taken to restore normal condition of affected economic zones.

Record all details in order in a log, prepare lists of witnesses and persons involved, and provide assistance to those who need assistance in investigation.