Hotel monitoring system troubleshooting plan

1. When any equipment in hotel monitoring system fails, security department monitoring room must notify equipment maintenance manufacturer in time to repair equipment.

2. During normal business hours, if monitoring system fails severely or is completely paralyzed, staff on duty in monitoring room should immediately notify head of security, lobby manager and other relevant departments, and immediately notify hotel monitoring system maintenance manufacturer to went to hotel for maintenance.

3. During irregular working hours, if hotel monitoring system is abruptly or completely paralyzed, on-duty personnel in monitoring room should immediately inform head of security, hotel's duty manager, lobby manager and other relevant departments. The safety department will do its best to contact factory maintenance personnel for emergency repairs.

4. Before repairing maintenance plant, security department should strengthen inspection of place where damaged equipment is monitored. If place is a crowded place or there are special circumstances, security personnel must arrange duty. Increase number of checks on items carried by people entering and leaving hotel.

5. If monitoring system fails due to a power outage, security personnel should immediately notify security personnel to step up security area checks and check if people are stuck in elevator car. Cooperate with engineering department to find out reason for power outage in time and fix it in time.

6. In addition to emergency power supply, hotel monitoring room should also be equipped with an emergency battery pack to ensure that monitoring equipment can be used for 30-60 minutes in event of a power outage in hotel.