"Nine-character formula" to solve hotel room hygiene complaints

"Nine-character formula" to solve hotel room hygiene complaints

A video recently posted online sparked a heated discussion: a waiter at a five-star hotel in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province wiped his toothbowl with a rag and wiped toilet bowl with a bath towel. This again drew public attention to problem of hygiene in hotels.

In today's lesson, we will use this hotspot to analyze causes of hygiene chaos in a hotel and make recommendations for hotel hygiene.

Why do hotels often have hygiene problems?

Many hotel managers are puzzled: why do these loopholes still appear in real operation after extremely thorough cleaning and preliminary training? The hotel can "check for omissions and fill vacancies" in following areas:

1. Pay attention only to visual indicators, not to physical and chemical indicators

In terms of room cleaning procedures, hotel has strict rules regarding cleaning standards and room disinfection procedures, but verification of compliance with standards is carried out only through visual identification, and no scientific testing equipment and facilities have been introduced to ensure that it meets physical - chemical indicators. Daily inspections usually pay attention to general cleaning work that can be seen, but they are powerless over quality of disinfection, which cannot be detected by naked eye. focus only on appearance without scientific means Measure and evaluate.

2. There are loopholes in hygiene management in work procedures

Despite fact that sanitation procedures in hotel rooms are relatively strict, there are still many blind spots and loopholes in real work.

①Plumbing equipment for cleaning

Dragoras are most commonly used cleaning tools. According to requirements, they should be divided into six colors depending on purpose, but in actual work there is no difference. Two rags are used in room from start to finish, and cleaning process even becomes a process of pollution.

② Hotel hygiene management procedures rarely formulate measures for treatment of hotel guests.

Most hotel sanitation management procedures are designed for hotel rooms and staff, and rarely take guest differences into account. In fact, situation of hotel guests varies greatly, and some guests themselves suffer from contagious diseases. It is difficult to guarantee effect of hygienic cleaning and disinfection with cleaning procedures developed by hotels for ordinary rooms.

③ Employees have poor hygiene awareness and do not follow normal cleaning and disinfection procedures

Most of work in hotel room youcarried out only by employees. The procedures and standards of work formulated by hotel, especially implementation and execution of disinfection work, can only rely on conscience of employees.

④ Sanitation procedures for homes of some sick guests are still not perfect.

3. Hotel Management:

For example, there are problems such as rising operating costs in hotels, a decrease in attractiveness of vacancies in hotels, and a lack of highly qualified service personnel.

Hotel hygiene recommendations

According to this, we have compiled [Nine Symbols of Hotel Room Hygiene Management] for reference of hotel managers and staff.

"Nine-character formula" to solve hotel room hygiene complaints



Entrance, literal meaning is to enter guest room. When entering guest room, waiter should pay attention to following points:

①Lightly knock on door three times, three times each time, and appear as a waiter.

②Press door slowly, hang "clear sign" on door lock handle, and open it until work is completed. Turn on light and check for faults.

③ Place a small blanket on rug by bathroom door and place a cleaning basket (or cleaning bucket) on side of platform in bathroom.

④ Draw curtains and window screens so that room has enough light and is easy to clean.

⑤Open window in room for about 5 minutes to let air in room circulate.



The "conclusion" is mainly to replace used items in guest room and dispose of garbage left by guests.

①Run water to flush dirt in toilet, and then spray cleanser on "three reservoirs": washbasin, tub and toilet. Then remove "four towels" (face towels, square towels, bath towels, foot towels) used by guests.

②Check drawers of wardrobes and combination wardrobes in order. The leftovers should be handed over to duty team as soon as possible. Try to return them to guests as soon as possible, and make a daily hygiene record. report.

③ Use trash can in room to pick up trash. If cigarette butt in ashtray is not extinguished, it must be extinguished before being thrown into trash can, so as not to start a fire.

④Remove used cups, extra beds or dishes.

⑤Clean bed, remove used sheets and place them in a linen bag at one end of cleaning cart.

Steps in cleaning a bed

1) Remove pillowcase

A. Pay attention to whether there are watches, wallets, necklaces and other things in pillowcase;

B. Put a pillow on chair

2) Remove blanket

Folds to fit on a chair;

3) Remove sheet

A. Sheets should be removed one by one;

B. Please note if there are any items carrying guests;

4) Remove used sheets and duvet covers

A. Place removed sheets and dirty pillowcases in a linen bag at one end of cleaning cart;

"Nine-character formula" to solve hotel room hygiene complaints



Make beds in hotel rooms.

①According to hotel's bed making procedures, use bed making method;

②The bed should be even, symmetrical, fresh and beautiful.



After bed is made, bathroom must first be cleaned to leave a certain period of time for dust raised due to bed being dropped, and then use a rag to remove dust. The bathroom is place where guests are most picky, and it is necessary to strictly follow rules of operation in it so that it meets prescribed hygiene standards. Before cleaning, turn on exhaust fan and put on gloves.

① Spray "three cylinders" with detergent again.

② Dispose of waste in trash can, throw old razor blades, ground soap, used bath liquid bottles, hair liquid bottles, toothpaste, etc. into trash can and throw them together.

③ Clean ashtrays, soap dishes and tea cups.

④ Wash sink, pay attention to stains on sink and faucet.

⑤Wash tub and shower curtain, and rinse tub and walls with water from showerhead.

⑥Use marked hair ball to clean toilet bowl, toilet board and lid. And pay special attention to cleaning water outlet and inlet, inner wall and base of toilet bowl.

⑦ Wipe tea cups, ashtrays, soap dishes, wiping baskets, marble countertops, sinks and faucets, mirrors, toilet switches, sockets, towel dispensers, roll holders, telephones, shower curtains, rails, bathroom walls with a dry cloth. and bathtubs (showers, coat hooks, toilet door panels, windscreens, etc. must be wiped down inside and out).

⑧Use another cloth to clean toilet bowl and cistern.

⑨Return empty bin to its original position and empty ashtray to its original position.

⑩ Wipe floor in bathroom with a special cloth for mopping. After cleaning, bathroom should be clean, dry, free of peculiar smell, dirt, soap and water.

"Nine-character formula" to solve hotel room hygiene complaints



"Cleaning" is mainly for wiping down certain areas in guest room and checking electrical equipment and other amenities in room.

① Wipe from doorbell outside door to door frame, and inside and outside of door, and pay attention to wipe of door handle and security picture behind door.

② Wipe furniture and objects in room from top to bottom in a clockwise (or counterclockwise) direction, paying attention to bottom and corners of furniture.

Cleaning steps

A. Pay attention to difference between a dry and a wet rag:

Wipe mirrors, lamps, TVs and other equipment and objects with a dry cloth, use special dust removal products for upholstered furniture and fabrics, do not wipe dust on wallpaper with a damp cloth. Special attention: The gaps of various remote controls and computer keyboards need to be wiped with alcohol cotton, which can prevent bacteria cross-infection.

B. Check electrical equipment in room

While dusting, look for problems with electrical equipment (especially TV, light bulb, and telephone) such as TV, stereo, telephone, small refrigerator, and light bulb. , report repair immediately and make a record.

C. With exception of dry wiping, all amenities in room should be checked.



①Replenish your bathroom supplies and arrange them neatly according to uniform requirements.

②Family napkins and paper rolls should be folded, which is beautiful and convenient for guests.

③"Four Towels" are neatly placed in indicated places.

④ Additional items in room should be neatly arranged in accordance with requirements of hotel.

⑤Add cups.

The set of items in room should be added, added and removed in accordance with number of varieties provided by hotel and requirements of escort and release, and pay attention to brand in front of guests.



"Suck" is mainly for cleaning floor in room. First, straighten wires of vacuum cleaner, connect power supply, and take vacuum cleaner into room before turning it on.

①Suck from window first (suck from balcony for rooms with balconies)

②When cleaning a carpet, first press against grain and then press in direction of grain.

③When cleaning corners, if furniture obstructs place, put down furniture first, and then discard it after cleaning.

④ Vacuum bathroom floor, pay attention to change function of mop to suit hard floors, and do not vacuum where there is water on floor to prevent electric leakage and accidents. sucking hair hidden in cracks in floor.



Inspection is basically a self-examination. After cleaning room, attendant should inspect room and conduct a self-check:

①Check for cleanliness.

②Whether elements are complete.

③Whether placement complies with rules.

④Are there any cleaning products or tools left.

⑤ Check if curtains and screens are closed.

⑥ Is air conditioner switch turned to correct position?



"Check-in" mainly refers to issues that waiter needs to pay attention to after cleaning guest room in order to conduct a quality check-in.

① Turn off all lights in room. (according to hotel policy).

②Close door carefully and remove cleaning sign.

③Register time of entering and leaving house and maintenance of house.