Tips for Hotel Staff to Improve Communication Skills

Tips for Hotel Staff to Improve Communication Skills

Tips for Hotel Staff to Improve Communication Skills

In fact, in everyday life, many problems are caused by poor communication.

In a hotel job, when handing in tasks, I did not clearly explain, resulting in a lot of useless work. When talking with colleagues in hotel, due to aphasia, relationship between two parties was disrupted. When discussing cooperation with hotel customers and meeting new friends, since I am not good at words, I made a bad first impression on other side, which led to a missed opportunity.

If we can communicate more effectively, many misunderstandings, arguments and disagreements can be avoided.

So, how can you improve your communication skills?

Principle number one of effective communication: conciseness, simplicity

Regardless of company management, hotel colleagues, friends, people who talk a lot, everyone tends to intentionally or unintentionally avoid them - he has a good character and does not have serious problems, but he just feels very tired talking to him .

Many people may not realize that communication is a two-way process.

If every time room keeper and attendant make a service request it is especially long, complex, and fuzzy, then attendant will have to spend same amount of time and energy analyzing and dehydrating to understand what supervisor wants to convey in room. On one hand, this easily leads to distortion of information. On other hand, each conversation will consume a lot of attendant's cognitive resources.

In many cases verbosity in eyes of others is not a matter of yes or no, but of degree. We find it difficult to control other people's opinions, but we can do our best to keep our expressions concise, efficient, and fluid.

Tips for Hotel Staff to Improve Communication Skills


Think about your native language

"Say something important three times" is a meme in WeChat Moments. However, if you keep repeating what you said during conversation, I'm afraid that everyone's perception of this person will change.

Small suggestion

You might want to look back at chat recordings with friends and hotel colleagues and think differently. If it were me, wouldn't that kind of conversation be annoying? If so, where did you start feeling anxious? How to avoid it?

While listening, pay attention to your own language expressions: Where do you talk too much? What phrases can be removed? What points should you remind yourself to pay attention to? On other hand, you can focus on observing reaction of interlocutor when communicating. If interlocutor shows slight impatience, absent-mindedness or absent-mindedness, immediately give yourself a signal and ask yourself: am I talking too much?

Gradually, you will be able to create an early warning system that will help you constantly monitor your facial expressions and understand yourself better.


Listen carefully

Dr. Covey once said: Most of us don't listen to understand, but to respond.

In a weekly hotel meeting or other company meetings, how much do we listen to understand other side's position and point of view, rather than to fight back and exploit loopholes in other side's speech to give them death blow? In a conference room, everyone sits face to face, but only to express their opinion and become center and focus of meeting - isn't this contrary to nature of conversation?

Tips for Hotel Staff to Improve Communication Skills


Practice retelling

The most effective way to train communication skills is through conscious practice. It doesn't have to be a lot or high intensity, if we do it for a few minutes a day, we can consciously control our brain and organize speech more effectively.

You can start with information you received and practice retelling it. After you finish reading this article, you can also try to refine and condense content of article and tell it to yourself in your heart.

At same time, set an alarm and set a time limit for yourself, such as 30 seconds. Ask yourself to say this message for 30 seconds. In process of retelling, many details may be lost. It doesn't matter, take your time. After one lecture, you can change topic and angle, arrange language again, and speak for 30 seconds.

While practicing, strictly observe time limit. This is classic elevator rule.

There is a saying: if you can't explain something clearly in 30 seconds, you won't be able to explain it in 30 minutes.

The idea is that it's not easy to explain one thing in 30 seconds, including cause and effect, and get others interested. At same time, it can also improve your cognition and understanding of information, as well as your thinking abilities.


Try not to start with "no"

Long-term education leads us to believe that things are ambiguous, especially when, before major events, everyone feels that they are adhering to only correct point of view. Therefore, it is customary to first refuse other side in order to prove correctness of their point of view. As everyone knows, this way of expressing opinion will lead to arguments, confrontations and debates and can end up unpleasantly.

In a conversation with hotel colleagues, best way to get interlocutor's attention is to say "no": "Your point of view is wrong, I do not agree with your opinion, I do not agree with your opinion ... But you really want to speak out When expressing own position, it is enough to express your own opinion directly, it is not at all necessary to deny other people's ideas.

Tips for Hotel Staff to Improve Communication Skills


If you don't know, say you don't know

Pompous is certainly not a popular speaker. Don't become unpopular because of your recklessness, and don't influence general mood and atmosphere because you pretend to understand. After all, there is no impenetrable wall.

If you don't know or don't understand, just say so directly, this is a good learning opportunity.