3 steps to perfect room arrangement

3 steps to perfect room arrangement

3 steps to perfect room arrangement

For hotels, so-called row rooms are not just about placing rooms for customers, but need to place rooms as intelligently as possible according to customer needs and psychological characteristics, combined with actual situation of room type, location, orientation, etc. .customers to meet customer needs.


Row room principle

1. The principle of relevance. According to personality of guest. According to status and other characteristics of house are located address.

(1) VIP (VIP): Generally hosts top or luxury guest rooms requiring excellent security, equipment maintenance, environment, etc.

(2) Guests in same team: try to arrange rooms on same floor and in same standard, and also try to have double rooms, which facilitates contact between guides (group leaders, conference organizers) and hotel. control.

(3) Group leader or members of conference team of same team: try to sit in guest room at exit on same floor as guests of team.

(4) Newlyweds: Arrange a quieter room with a large bed.

(5) For elderly, handicapped or handicapped: can be arranged in a room on lower floor next to service counter or elevator entrance to facilitate departure of waiters.

(6) Guests staying at hotel with family members or relatives and friends: usually accommodated in connecting rooms or connecting rooms on wing of floor.

2. The singularity principle. That is, houses should be arranged in accordance with living habits, religious beliefs and folk customs of guests. The rooms of these guests are best spaced apart or placed on floors.

3. The principle of adapting activities to local conditions. That is, organize guest rooms according to needs of hotel management and services.

(1) Residents: Focus on one floor and bottom floor as much as possible.

(2) Guests who do not have luggage and are suspected of misbehavior: place them in a room as close as possible to service desk on floor.

(3) In off-season, from point of view of operation and maintaining image in market, it is possible to concentrate numbers facing street.

(4) In off-season, some floors may be closed, and premises of several floors are heavily used, and premises can be arranged from lower floors to upper floors to lower floors, so that in order to save energy and labor, and facilitate centralized maintenance and maintenance of some guest rooms.

3 steps to perfect room arrangement


Number order

The administrator should arrange rooms in accordance with characteristics of tourist season.

Due to large number of guests and lack of housing resources during peak tourist season, various accommodation measures must be taken to meet accommodation needs of different guests.

VIP and general individual guests, priority should be given to meeting needs of VIP;

For reservations and unbooked guests, priority should be given to guests with a reservation;

For loyal customers and new guests, priority should be given to satisfying needs of regular customers;

A hotel must be sincere in dealing with hard-to-satisfy guests and not be indifferent to guests because of good business during peak season.

(1) VIPs; (2) guests with special requirements; (3) group guests; (4) individual guests with a reservation; (5) Individual guests arriving directly at hotel without a reservation.

3 steps to perfect room arrangement


Housing program

In modern hotels, work of arranging rooms is often done by computers.

The procedure is as follows: first, administrator enters desired room type and period of residence on computer screen, and then several room numbers that meet requirements automatically appear on computer screen.

Guests specifically request service standards

1. Guests ask to change room

When a guest requests a room change, clearly ask for guest's name, room number, desired room type, and room change, and then speak to receptionist in lobby. After receptionist in lobby gives order to change room, he will help guests to pick up and deliver luggage. The room change is quick, service is thoughtful.

2. Guest requests an extra bed or extra room

After receiving requests from guests for extra beds or extra rooms, please contact receptionist in lobby to complete formalities, show guests to room, introduce equipment, service items, hotel instructions, etc., and provide a warm and thoughtful service.

3. Facilities for disabled guests

When guests with disabilities are staying at hotel, find out name of guest, disability and inconvenience, life features and special requirements, and select excellent waiters who will take care of them with special attention. When guests stay, they should welcome, greet, help, serve tea and water, clean room and other services actively and enthusiastically, patiently and carefully, with great appropriateness, show empathy and patience everywhere.

4. VIP Service

Receive a VIP check-in notification and know exactly guest's name, room number, pick-up requirements, living conditions, customs, whether they have stayed in hotel before, etc. After receiving specifications, clean room every day, add flowers, fruits , snacks, small gifts, greeting cards, etc., and provide a variety of services according to specifications received. During guest's stay in hotel, check-in, daily service, laundry and delivery of guest clothes. Take extra care in everything, such as making your bed, being kind and enthusiastic. Meticulous and thoughtful.

5. Serving birthday guests

When meeting a hotel guest celebrating their birthday, prepare a birthday cake, greeting card or flower basket in advance and send them to room to congratulate guest. The service is warm and polite and language is standard. .