Hospitality Etiquette - Standing Posture, Walking Posture

Hospitality Etiquette - Standing Posture, Walking Posture

1. Standing posture

1. The standing posture should be natural and upright, head should be upright, lower part of forehead should be slightly pulled in, eyes should be looking straight ahead and face should be smiling.

2. Stand up straight and place your center of gravity between your feet. Feet should be naturally spaced shoulder-width apart. There should be no internal or external horoscope, chest and abdomen should be raised, and shoulders should be even.

3. Hands naturally hang down, hands should be crossed behind back, left hand lightly clasps right wrist, and right hand clenches a half-fist with moderate force, hands are relaxed. When you feel tired from standing for a long time, you can shift your body's center of gravity to right and left, but keep your upper body upright.

4. When distance between you and client is 2 meters, you should take initiative to bow and say hello. When communicating with buyers, a distance of 60 cm to 1 meter from buyer should be observed, while gaze should be directed to area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe buyer's triangle, and you can not look down at buyer. If client's height is relatively short or voice is low, you should step forward and stand to client's left to listen carefully.

5. When guiding customers, you should stand to side of customer and use same hand to guide customer and try to direct customer to face place they want to go.

6. When standing at baggage check-in desk, you must stand at computer and look into lobby. You are not allowed to lie down, bend over or stand at baggage check-in desk. Customers should take initiative to say hello when they are 2 meters away (Hi, hi, please walk slowly!).

7. When standing at side door, you must stand on inside of side door at a 90° angle to side door. If customer enters and exits within 2 meters, pull door to greet customer. When entering and exiting store, lean forward 30° and bow to greet customer (Hello, hello, please walk slowly!), except for work, you are not allowed to walk at will and provide customer service at any time.

8. When standing in Tonggang, you must stand on right side outside turnstile in lobby, and you are not allowed to walk except for work

1) When there is a vehicle nearby: make a parking gesture to direct vehicle to stop in a suitable place, take initiative to open door, say hello (hello, hello, please slow down!), and steer in direction of gate and then return to original post.

2) When there is no vehicle: when you are 2 meters away from customer, you should bow and say hello (Hello, hello, please walk slowly!), and indicate direction of gate, and then return to original post.

3) Whenthe customer has baggage, he must take initiative to ask customer if he needs help! (Hi XX, can I help you?)

9. Waiting for customers in public places

1) Clients must stand and wait 1.5-2 meters behind client during C/I, and also stand next to luggage to ensure standing and luggage is safe. When several messengers are waiting, they must keep in one straight line.

2) When you are in other places in lobby, if time is too long, you should take initiative and ask client if you can leave your luggage with concierge first.

3) Stand next to elevator button in elevator, put luggage cart on side of elevator, greet customers entering and leaving elevator, and help operate elevator (Hello, which floor do you want to go to? go?), when entering and exiting elevator, you must guard elevator for customers, ask customers to go first "your floor here, please." If you are leading a client into an elevator or entering an elevator alone, you should greet client in elevator: "Excuse me, I'm sorry."

4) Customers waiting on floor should stand 1.5 meters to left of customer and place their luggage next to wall to ensure safety of luggage.

5) While waiting at door of guest room, you should stand in front of door peephole so that client can confirm identity of employee, put a cart with luggage in front of door and not interfere with passage of customers, ring doorbell once and knock on door three times every three seconds . Voice, say "Hello, call, receptionist" and enter customer service room after customer's consent.

Hospitality Etiquette - Standing Posture, Walking Posture
Two, walking posture

1. When walking, upper body should be upright, center of gravity should be in correct position, center of gravity of body may be slightly tilted forward, head should be straight, eyes should be straight, and shoulders should be relaxed. The body is coordinated, arms swing naturally, and steps when walking should be even.

2. The direction is clear; two footprints should be relatively straight, do not walk in a figure-eight pattern or walk in a figure-eight pattern too often, and footprints should be on both sides of front line.

3. The step should not be too big, and pace should not be too fast. Moderate stride (own leg length), steady speed (60-100 steps per minute)

4. When meeting a customer face-to-face, employee should take initiative to walk on right side and greet customer.

5. When walking in restaurant, all employees must keep to right. There must be two or more people in line. They should not compete with visitors.

6. When going up and down stairs, keep your lower back straight, back straight, head straight, stomach in, chest up, hips slightly flexed. Do not hold on to handrails of stairs. .

7. Accompanying and escorting: position I am in (I am about 1 meter from client to left), speed of coordination (depending on speed of client), timely assistance and reminders (corners, stairs or road bumps, poor lighting); correct body position (when answering and escorting on the way).

Hospitality Etiquette - Standing Posture, Walking Posture
Hospitality Etiquette - Standing Posture, Walking Posture