Top 10 Outstanding Service Scores in Hotels

Top 10 Outstanding Service Scores in Hotels

The ingenuity of service lies in one heart, and breadth of service lies in flexibility of use. Those who can understand basics and put them into practice can be great waiters.

In order to determine if a waiter is excellent, in addition to having certain professional knowledge and abilities and two "hard indicators" of a smiling and friendly service attitude, it also depends on whether they have a variety of service skills in following 10 aspects. In other words, an excellent hotel waiter, in addition to professional, process-oriented and personalized service quality, following 10 services reflect ability to excel and strive for excellence.

Top 10 Outstanding Service Scores in Hotels

Sincere Service

Enthusiasm is indispensable in customer service, and real feelings are more valuable. Enthusiasm is easy to achieve, but it is not so easy to naturally express true feelings throughout process of service, and this can be harmful and unnecessary.

The so-called sincere service is to ask each waiter to treat client as if they were family and serve him (her) sincerely and willingly, with passion and heart, without delicacy and artificiality, without hypocrisy, hospitality and service skills come naturally.

Always in stock

Also called random service. In a hotel's customer service department, there are quantitative service units, service processes, service standards, and service time limits are main connotations that make up good service. However, if service system is limited only by rules and regulations, value of service will be greatly reduced.

For example, a guest asks waiter serving food and drinks how to get to hotel infirmary? This is not disgust, but a manifestation of waiter's ignorance of service at any time.

It can therefore be said that service at any time (machine) is a manifestation of active service, and it is service without a fixed formula in a standardized service program.

Top 10 Outstanding Service Scores in Hotels
Premium service

Before each guest enters hotel for consumption, there is an expectation in his heart, such as expectation of delicious food with high quality and low price;

If these basic expectations can be met, it can be seen as a preliminary completion of psychological fusion and recognition of value between store and customers. If during this period or during second visit we can achieve better products, more comprehensive services and more interesting services, including ability to remember customer names and fixed consumer preferences.

The guest will feel a greater value for money, and over time guest will definitely become a regular and loyal customer of hotel.

Excellent service

As they say, "The spirit is seen in subtleties." There are no major problems in hotel services and most of them are small and trivial things. Small things can be done well if done carefully.

So working hard on subtleties is homework that every great waiter should do. When attendant of Guangdong Asia International Hotel meets a guest from other places and asks “how to get to place XX”, instead of just giving direction and way, he takes out a map of city and introduces it in detail. , transportation, etc. The route, mileage, same place name or similar building name that can meet, etc. make guests clear at a glance, and feel very delicate and accurate.

Top 10 Outstanding Service Scores in Hotels
remote service

Hotel service should be not only enthusiastic, but also worthy. He must be able to grasp scale and distance of service. He should be there when he should be there. .

For example: two couples are having a candlelit dinner in a western restaurant. A waiter with a bathtub stands next to guest and stares at guest intently. He is too enthusiastic and makes people feel at a loss... Distance creates beauty, too close or too far is inappropriate, good or bad grip is a measure of service Whether students are flexible and one of excellent standards.

Invisible services

In service process, we must provide both tangible services and intangible or invisible services. That is, in some specific service processes, invisible services can better meet and satisfy potential needs of customers. Tangible services can better reflect privacy of guests in group and promote quality of hotel.

For example, cleaning mentioned above; and, for example, making bed when guest is about to supper is much better than making bed when guest is there; at this time, bring a rose and put it on bedside table, effect is even better, even better than sending a large bouquet of flowers in person, romance and warmth are revealed inadvertently, how can this be unforgettable?

Top 10 Outstanding Service Scores in Hotels
Care Services

Despite fact that services are divided into remote, interval, frequency and standard, there is one thing that cannot be neglected due to differences in form and content of services - caring service.

Regardless of age, gender, nationality, all guests have a common desire: desire and desire for caring service of hotel waiters, especially for integration and comfort of soul, to ease sadness of leaving home and pain of separation.

A waiter at Guangdong Asia International Hotel discovered that a young guest was depressed. Falling in love... In exchange for caring, there is true love, respectable and worthy of praise!

Top 10 Outstanding Service Scores in Hotels
Remote maintenance

Don't assume that all services provided by a hotel are instantaneous and immediate. As everyone knows, in current information age, hotels also have obligations and maintenance of remote services.

For example, guests make online bookings, remote phone bookings, fax bookings, third party bookings, etc. Although they cannot meet in person or even exchange asymmetric information, speed and quality of their service also affects quality and hotel brand.

So in this process, an excellent waiter can not only do their job well in person, but also can make full use of advanced marketing network for timely remote service, creating unlimited business opportunities. for hotel and winning praise from guests.

Misplacement service

Although there is a clear division of labor in hotel service and everyone performs their duties, sometimes possibility of cross-service cannot be avoided, since intention of direct consumption of guest may occur at a certain time, place and certain situation in hotel.At this time, hotel will appear phenomenon of inappropriate service . With a lack of a certain adaptability and professional knowledge, waiter can rush, tired of coping, and miss a good opportunity for hotel to earn.

For example: a guest of a hotel apartment is interested, and on a whim, he wants to arrange a banquet in apartment to entertain guests who have arrived, and ask restaurant to serve dishes, and apartment waiter serves. "Professional contractor", but waiter has integrated content and service skills of competition catering, which he usually understands and sees, and service is attentive and conscientious, and service is similar. Although there are flaws, it still exceeds imagination of guests and satisfies needs of guests desire.

So, an excellent waiter is first of all a specialist, and then a generalist. Of course, moving services are a last resort and should not be used indiscriminately.

Summarizing, ingenuity of service lies in one heart, breadth of service lies in its flexibility and flexibility. Those who can understand basics and put them into practice can be great waiters.

Top 10 Outstanding Service Scores in Hotels