Responsibilities of an accounts receivable accountant in financial department of a hotel

Description of responsibility:

Responsible for timely collection of hotel receivables. Accurately and timely prepare an aging analysis table. Responsible for maintaining good relations with each accounting unit. Responsible for all credit card work.

Job details:

1. Examine and check credit status of units or individuals that will provide loan funds.

2. View and summarize credit card purchase form, track bank account transfer work in a timely manner, receive various credit card tools, blacklists and documents from bank in a timely manner, and distribute them at checkout.

3. View, organize and store all types of accounts receivable documents.

4. Collection, management and control of various receivables, as well as maintaining good relations with account holders or individuals.

5. Report all types of bad debts and their settlement to boss in a timely manner, and keep relevant information properly.

6. Provide information about tenants' debts to assistant lobby manager and assist with collection.

7. Responsible for preparing aging analysis table and submitting it to CFO in a timely manner.

8. Responsible for managing accounts and collecting long-term accommodations, reviewing each travel agency's group fees, and interacting with each travel agency on a regular basis.