Work plan of engineering department during construction of hotel

1. Creation of preparatory department of engineering department (including stationery, equipment and recruitment and appointment of a secretary);

2. Contact owner and responsible person of hotel's construction department to obtain all design drawings of entire hotel (including civil engineering, graphic design of each floor, decoration, installation of various mechanical and electrical equipment systems). ;

3. According to drawings provided by construction department, go to hotel's construction site for on-site inspection, and regularly record differences between actual structure and drawings according to each system, and reflect differences. between actual needs of hotel and drawings of respective parties;

4. Formulate organizational chart and staffing of engineering department and present it to CEO;

5. Interview directors of various departments of hotel and come up with proposals for gap between design of hotel and original design and actual operation requirements

A discussion in form of a formal document communicated to CEO and relevant departments;

6. Copy all graphic design drawings of each department to each department director, and design and arrange layout of hotel's logistics facilities (such as offices, warehouses, etc.) according to hotel's operating rules and requirements of each department;


7. Depending on progress of hotel construction, various system engineers may be hired in advance and placed on construction site. Really understand equipment conditions of each system and installation line, etc., especially hidden work.

Draw on site actual building concept for use, repair and maintenance after receiving hotel;

8. Follow up and ask owner or construction department to decorate model room according to standard after opening. All guest rooms can be decorated and built after confirmation of owner, management company, CEO, etc.;

9. Make a purchase list of items and facilities needed to open engineering department and a plan for printing printed materials needed by engineering department, and send them to finance department for summarization;

10. Formulate rules and regulations during preparation period of engineering department and functions and job responsibilities of each system and employee at each level after opening, as well as policies and procedures for operation of entire engineering department;

11. Formulate a training plan and organization of courses for training staff of engineering department;

12. Make a recruitment plan for engineering department: including position, number of people, standards, pre-exam, re-examination questions, admission procedure, etc.;

13. Follow installhow to equip electromechanical systems of hotel and report progress of project to relevant managers and directors of hotel departments in a timely manner;

14. Implement recruitment, but except for systems engineers, all engineering staff can go to work two months before opening;

15. Formulate an overall cost estimate for engineering department within one year of opening hotel (including monthly costs for water, electricity, gas, operating costs, staff salaries, etc.);

16. Develop an acceptance checklist for entire hotel (by each department, each system, etc.);

17. Discuss with directors of each department cooperation between engineering department and various departments after opening;

18. According to construction progress and opening time of hotel, gradually check and accept following electromechanical equipment:

(1) Check and accept elevator system;

(2) Acceptance of power supply and distribution system (including emergency diesel generator system);

(3) Acceptance of indoor lighting systems and outdoor landscape lighting;

(4) Check and accept fire protection system: wet fire protection system, smoke detection system, fire control host, fire communication system, blower fan, smoke exhaust fan;

(5) Check and accept air conditioning system;

(6) Acceptance of boiler steam system;

(7) Check and accept water supply and sanitation system;

(8) Check and accept hot water system;

(9) Check and accept building automation system;

(10) Acceptance of video surveillance, background music, broadcasting system, security monitoring system;

(11) Acceptance of stage lighting, sound, projection, LED screen system;

(12) Check and accept gas pressure control station and gas system;

(13) Check and accept lightning protection and grounding system of hotel;

19. Preparing for opening of hotel

(1) employees go to hotel to familiarize themselves with situation and conduct on-site training;

(2) Obtain necessary maintenance items and tools for opening, store them properly and keep records;

(3) Ensure normal operation of all electromechanical equipment;

20. Help different departments of hotel to get business areas of hotel;

21. Preparing for opening ceremony;

22. Before opening, draw up a set of circuit diagrams in accordance with actual design, construction and installation of mechanical and electrical equipment of hotel and store them in data storage room of engineering department for safekeeping.