The reference standard for customizing features and design of a star hotel lobby

The lobby of a star hotel is center of hotel. This is where hotel provides guests with most services, such as check-in and check-out procedures, financial settlements and foreign exchange services. , baggage drop-off, inquiry and message services, booking and ordering a taxi, storing valuables and storing luggage, as well as other services required by guests.

1. Lobby public area (excluding general service counter, shopping mall, business center, lobby bar and coffee shop, etc.) calculated by number of rooms , average number of each room is quite large. There are four grades 0.6, 0.8, 1.0 and 1.2 m², and minimum is 250 m², while maximum is not limited to 400 m² or more.

As a general rule, for large, high-end, large-scale conference-type hotels, lobby area should be larger, but maximum limit should not exceed an average of 2 m² per room.

2. The main help desk is center of activity in lobby of hotel. It should be located in a place where, upon entering hall, you can immediately see main entrance. The length is usually 8-12 m.

Large hotels can be up to 16m high and both ends must not be covered.

3. Behind main support desk, there should be an office for front office staff, nightly financial review, storage of materials, copiers and computers, and for sales department. be here for business contacts .

Suitable area 50-100 m².

4. The safe for storing valuables is adjacent to common service desk, has two entrances for guests and staff, and entrance for guests should be as hidden as possible.

5. The assistant manager's seat in lobby is located where gate, common service counter and elevator lobby for guests are visible.

6. The Concierge Desk is located in process connecting guest area or guest elevator lobby to hotel gate.

7. The reception desk is located next to gate, and at same time you can see general service desk and elevator hall.

The luggage compartment is set at rate of 0.05-0.06 m² per room. In tourist and sightseeing hotels, storage room for excursion groups is concentrated, so storage room should be increased accordingly.

8. The seating area is convenient for waiting for guests and plays a role in regulating and regulating flow of people in lobby. It is best located near main service counter and can be reached to lobby bar or other business centers to direct customers to consumption.

9. Public toilets (including toilets for disabled and storage facilities for cleaning tools) must be located near lobby, but door should not open directly into the lobby.