Monitoring results of hotel staff training and feedback methods

1. Hotel tracking and feedback on effect of training is usually done by completing trainee follow-up table method and having trainees write training reports.

2. Every 6 months after completion of hotel staff training, staff training department of hotel organizes a visit by staff to department where trainees are located and investigates benefits that trainees have received from training through written investigations or site visits.

3. The investigation method can be based on personnel situation of hotel. The personnel training department can personally come forward or instruct competent agent in charge of personnel department to collect and track situation by investigating and filling out form.

4. At end of training, hotel staff training department draws up a report plan and organizes return of trainees to work within 3-6 months in accordance with goals and requirements of training, combined with improvement. and improvement of actual performance after training Write a written report and submit it to training department.

5. The content of feedback report is based on interns talking about their experience and expressing their opinion.

6. Seriously do a good job of evaluating, tracking and feedback on effects of learning to make sure trained employees put what they have learned into practice.

7. Through feedback, training needs can be re-identified and provide an information basis for formulating future training plans.

8. Training in hotels is a recurring cycle of systematic procedures. Effective learning management is the main measure of staff training and human resource development.