What opportunities should hotels rely on in 2022 to survive?

What opportunities should hotels rely on in 2022 to survive?

What opportunities should hotels rely on in 2022 to survive?

There are still 10 days ahead, and 2021, full of ups and downs, is about to pass. 2021 is a very challenging year for hospitality industry. Recurring epidemics have caused traffic to become increasingly scarce.

With a new round of virus mutation just occurring, coming year of 2022 is full of huge uncertainties. Promoting local Chinese New Year could be last policy to be introduced in 2022. Faced with lack of traffic, hotels What should industry do in 2022?

What opportunities should hotels rely on in 2022 to survive?

As managers, we need to see that a series of control measures brought about by new corona epidemic have largely limited liquidity, but not limited consumer demand.

In fact, in face of recurring epidemics, not only hotel industry is facing problem of lack of traffic, but virtually all offline entities are facing similar problems.

As 2022 approaches, many hoteliers struggle with how to budget. In fact, what matters for 2022 may not be previous budget for business, but its transformation into a “budget for traffic”.

There is no doubt that compared to 2021, hotel occupancy will be lower in 2022 for three reasons:

Firstly, management and control caused by uncertainty of epidemic will lead to a decrease in liquidity;

Secondly, consumers have been leading a new era lifestyle for two years now, and all consumer behavior and psychology will change, which will directly affect traffic;

Third, emergence of new platforms and new consumption patterns will have a huge impact on initial traffic distribution model, which will affect traffic resources received by hotels.

In face of traffic shortages that may occur in 2022, for hotels with offline property attributes, in order to solve traffic problem, we should strive to create following three main opportunities:

First, there are opportunities in store. That is, when consumers have needs, they can think of you and find you. This includes activities such as word of mouth, maintenance, private domain traffic management, and online optimization.

When traffic is low, it actually comes at cost of improving its own base ability to get more shares in limited traffic pool. This test is whether hotel management team is persistent in training and adheres to basic work standards, Service Standards, etc. are doing their job well, and testing team's basic skills.

Secondly, it is an opportunity to get home. That is, to be able to take a step forward, detect consumer demand in advance and produce goods and services before consumers act. This includes work on product packaging, process design, service design, and more.

This is ability to find traffic. Essentially, it tests innovative ability of management team. It checks if management team truly understands customer needs, can view and analyze their products and services from a customer perspective, and integrate products and services. The service is integrated into daily life of consumers. Based on its own strengths, it can go beyond and create new increments such as home delivery of catering services to clients and provision of conference services to contracted clients.y. companies.

Third, it's a cross-border ability. That is, opportunity to dare to go beyond hotel management, to cooperate with other industries or industries, to share traffic and services. The essence of this ability is to increase cognitive abilities of industry.

When hotel is seen as a living space, there will be a flood of yoga, meditation, healing, etc. As before, dinners with guests have always been at home, but now most of them are in hotels, and expensive get-togethers have again become family banquets. This change is actually a change in cognition.

This is rarest and most effective solution. When you can override attributes of a hotel space, you can see a larger border and more traffic will naturally appear.

2022 is coming, let's get ready for new year together...