Share some hotel secrets

I had a chat with a maid friend who had worked at hotel for five years. She said that hotel rooms looked clean but were actually very dirty. So, today I will write an article about unknown secret of hotel

1. Before you check in, you can go to Ctrip, Meituan and other platforms to compare and place orders. Usually, Ctrip price will be more favorable, and then call to inquire about today's room price (because there are hotel sale prices and online sale prices)< /p>

2. As long as any hotel is booked on platform, check-out will be delayed until 2:00 pm and no praise is required.

3. Most of cups and utensils in room are used by previous guest and wiped with remaining towel, or a rag is used everywhere. (All hotels among them are five-star)

4. The bedding in room is washed by washing company, so a lot of bleach is added, which can easily cause skin allergies and itching. Friends who like to change bed sheets are advised not to change so often.

5. While you are updating room, aunts will help you clean room, except you tell front desk that you don't need to clean today. If you continue to stay today and sanitation is not cleaned, you can complain.

6. Towels in room are used to wipe any corner of room.

7. If you are staying at hotel for a long time, aunts usually change sheets every two or three days, if you need to change it every day, you can tell front desk about it.

8. Some hotels told you that room has two bottles of mineral water as standard, but you can actually add water for free, so I told my aunt. Or talk to head of floor, this is fastest way.

9. Before entering hotel, check valuable electrical appliances such as TV and record a video when hotel is turned on! Because when you check out, aunts will go to check, and some aunts didn't check out last time. And if you happen to check, you will mistakenly think that you have damaged goods, and then you will be asked to pay for it

10. The hotel has a mechanism. There is a commission for getting good reviews, but they all go to reception, but there are no logistic aunts! ! So many front desk staff hoping you get commission for writing good reviews