Innovation and modernization of hotel intelligence in room furnishing

Innovation and modernization of hotel intelligence in room furnishing

Innovation and modernization of hotel intelligence in room furnishing

With continuous development of technology, smart functions have become an important trend in hospitality industry. In terms of furnishing guest rooms, application of intelligence is becoming more and more extensive. In this article, we will discuss innovation and modernization of hotel intelligence in room supply industry.

Firstly, smart toilet seat is a common product among smart hotel room accessories. It can automatically open and close lid using sensors, and adjust parameters such as water temperature and pressure to make guests feel more comfortable. In addition, some high-end hotels are also equipped with smart toilets that can remotely control switch, temperature and other functions through a mobile app, so that guests can set everything up before leaving house.

Secondly, intelligent lighting system is also an important element of intelligent furnishing of hotel rooms. Through mobile phone app or voice control, guests can adjust brightness and color temperature of lighting in room anytime, anywhere, creating different atmospheres and effects. For example, when you go to bed at night, you can dim lights or use warm-colored lighting to help your guests sleep better.

Thirdly, system of smart curtains also deserves attention. With a remote control or mobile app, guests can control opening and closing of curtains and degree of shading at any time to provide a better view and protect privacy. In addition, some smart shades come with a timer function that can automatically open or close at a specific time, such as when sun shines through a window in morning.

Fourthly, intelligent air purifier is also highlight of hotel's intelligent room equipment. It can detect indoor air quality through sensors and automatically adjust wind speed and purification mode, allowing guests to breathe fresher and healthier air. In addition, some upscale hotels are also equipped with features such as humidifiers and aromatherapy machines that allow guests to relax in a comfortable environment.

Finally, smart lockers are a very practical innovation. Through mobile phone app or fingerprint recognition, guests can access their belongings at any time without worrying about loss or theft. In addition, some smart lockers are also equipped with a security feature that can protect guests' important belongings from being lost.

In short, hotel analytics has made great strides in innovating and modernizing room equipment. These smart products and services not only improve guest experience and comfort, but also open up more business opportunities and space for hospitality development.oh industry.