Requirements for quantity and quality of guest supplies in hotel rooms

A. Requirements for number of accessories for hotel rooms

1. Towels:

1. Bath towels: 2 per room;

2. Face towels: 2 per room.

3. Floor towel: 1 piece per room.

4. Square towels: 2 per room.

5. Yukata: 1 piece on bed.

Second, pillow

1. Upholstery: 1 per bed.

3. Bedding

1. Sheets: 1 per bed

2. Sheets: 1 per bed

2. Pillow core: 2 per bed.

3.Pillowcases: 2 per bed.

4. Duvet with air conditioning: 1 duvet per bed.

5. Spare thin blankets: 1 for each bed.

6. Lining: 1 piece on bed

Fourth, hygiene items

1. Soaps: at least 2 soaps per room, with a soap dish, each having a net weight of at least 30g and at least one of which has a net weight of at least 45g.

2. Body soap, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion: 2 sets per room, each with a net weight of at least 35g. Supplied in resealable jars.

3. Toothbrush: 2 per number

4. Toothpaste: 2 sticks per number, each with a net weight of at least 10g.

5. Mouthwash cups: 2 per room.

6. Shower caps: 2 per room.

7. Toilet paper: 2 rolls per room

8. Hygiene package: 1 per room

9. Slippers: 2 pairs per room

10. Dirt bucket: one for each room, put in bathroom.

11. Combs: two per room

12. Anti-slip mat (if other anti-slip measures are taken): one piece per room

13. Laundry bags: 2 per number

14. Facial wipes: 1 box per room

15. Razor: 2 razors per room, beard cream can be used.

16. Nail file: 1 for each room.

17. Cotton balls, cotton swabs: 1 set per room.

18. Bath salt (foaming agent, soda salt): (optional)

B. Stationery

1. Stationery folder (rack): 1 pc. to room.

2. Envelopes and postcards: at least 2 regular envelopes, airmail envelopes and international envelopes per number and 2 postcards.

3. Paper for letters, notes, fax paper: at least four sheets of letter paper, at least two sheets of notes, and at least two sheets of fax paper in each room.

4. Ballpoint pen: not one per room

5. Pencils: 1 per room, matching note clips.

6. Note folder: 1 per room.

6. Maintenance Tips

1. Service Reminder Items (Service Guide, Phone Instructions, Accommodation Instructions, Food Delivery Menu): 1 set per room.

2. List of TV programs, price list, guest questionnaire, fire guide: 1 copy. for each number

3. Reminders and signsGuests: Each room has one copy of Do Not Disturb, Please Clean Room, No Smoking in Bed, and Food Delivery Service. front and back should be same. You can also use electronic liquid crystal display panels.

4. List of laundries and wine list: 2 laundries and 1 wine room per room.

Seven, drinks, dishes

1.Tea: Two types of tea are prepared in each room, at least 2 bags of each type, and they can also be stored in containers.

2. Tea cups (hot water cups): 2 per room

3. Electric kettle: 1 per room.

4. Small bar: at least 5 types of strong drinks and at least 8 types of soft drinks.

5. Wine glasses: at least 4 different types of glasses per room, with chopsticks, straws and napkins.

6. Coffee: 2 small boxes of coffee and related preparations that can also be placed in containers.

7. Ice bucket: 1 per room, with ice tongs.

VIII. Other

1. Clothes hangers: mostly high quality wood products, no less than 4 suit hangers, trouser hangers and skirt hangers in each room.

2. Ashtrays: 2 per room.

3. Matches: 2 boxes per room

4. Shoe brushes: mainly shoe cleaners, 2 pieces per room, shoe horns and shoe shine baskets are suitable.

5. Waste bin: 1 per room, put in bedroom.

6. Sewing kit: 1 set per room.

7. Coaster: 1 for each cup

8.Gift bags: 2 in each room.

9. Labels (or signs): 2 for each room.

10. Environmental reminder card: 1 card per bed.

11. Towel basket: 1 for each shower.

B. Basic requirements for quality of room accessories

1. Towel

Cotton, mostly white, solid color, no fading, colorless flowers, no color difference, soft to touch, good water absorption, no stains, no obvious damage defects, ground warp yarn 32s/2, wool warp yarn 32 s /2, duck 32 s. Or use a spiral towel and have hotel LOGO embroidered on one end of towel as a needlepoint embroidery.

Note: 21s=29tex, 32s=18tex

1. Bath towel: not less than 1400mm*800mm, weight not less than 600g.

2. Face towel: at least 700mm x 350mm and weighing at least 140g.

3. Floor towel: not less than 750mm × 450mm, weighing not less than 350g.

4. Square scarf: not less than 320mm×320mm, weighing not less than 55g.

5. Yukata: Made from cotton or silk, soft and comfortable to keep you warm.

Second, pillow

Smooth, supple and blemish-free. It meets relevant standards of star hotels.

3. Bedding

1. Sheets:

Cotton advantagePure white color, smooth surface, good air permeability, no defects, no stains. The yarn count must be at least 32, warp and weft density must not be lower than 6080, and length and width must be greater than 700 for a pillow.

2. Duvet Cover:

Cotton predominantly white, smooth surface, good breathability, no defects, no stains. The number of threads is not less than 32, density of warp and weft is not less than 6080.

3. Pillow:

Soft and comfortable, elastic, no peculiar smell. The size is not less than 750x450.

4. Pillowcase:

Cotton, predominantly white in color, surface is smooth, without obvious defects, without stains, characteristics correspond to pillow. The number of threads is not less than 32, density of warp and weft is not less than 6080.

5. Air conditioner blanket:

High quality quilt core, soft and comfortable, with good thermal performance and no stain.

6. Spare thin blanket:

High quality quilt core, soft and comfortable, with good thermal performance and no stain.

7. Lining:

Good water absorption performance, can effectively prevent penetration of pollutants, can be fixed and pillow compatible, and can use molded cotton or hollow cotton.

Fourthly, hygiene products

1. Soap

Pure aroma, uniform structure, uniform color, clear patterns and inscriptions, no powder particles, no softening and deterioration, shelf life within expiration date. Must comply with provisions of GB8113. Luxury packaging printed with Chinese and English store names and logos or placed in luxury soap dishes.

2. Shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion:

The viscosity is moderate, there is no smell, packaging is whole, there is no leakage, there are Chinese and English store names and store logos, and they are placed in luxury containers within warranty period.

3. Toothbrush:

Mostly, bristles are made of nylon fibers, and materials harmful to human body, such as polypropylene fibers, are not allowed. The bristles are clean and soft, and neat tufts of hair are easy to empty, brush head and handle are smooth, feel good, and have a certain resistance to bending. The logo is clear, packaging is sealed, and store name and logo are printed in Chinese and English. A premium toothbrush in a luxury package. Assembly toothbrushes should not be used.

4. Toothpaste:

The fragrance is clean, paste is moist, homogeneous and delicate, color is uniform. Essences and pigments used must comply with current regulations. The drawing and text are clear. No extrusion deformation, no leakage and no pollution. during warranty period.

5. Mouthwash cup:

Glass or ceramic products have a beautifulyu and correct shape, a round neck and a smooth inner wall. Daily cleaning and disinfection.

6. Shower cap:

Mainly made of plastic film, clean and intact, edge is suitable for sealing, good heat resistance and waterproof. Exquisite box packaging printed with Chinese and English store names and logos.

7. Toilet paper:

White, soft paper, uniform fibers, good water absorption, no impurities, no damage. Use grade A toilet paper or higher.

8. Hygiene package:

Products made of opaque plastic or waterproof paper that are clean, unbreakable and clearly marked.

9. Slippers:

Comfortable to wear, easy to walk, good anti-slip properties, at least with shop logo printed on it. High quality high end slippers, one buyer and one use.

10. Mud bucket:

Used to place debris, dirt will not seep through, and material should have smoldering properties.

11. Comb:

The body of comb is solid, smooth, uniform in thickness, teeth are smooth, not too sharp. The handle of comb has Chinese and English store names and store logos printed on it. Luxurious packaging.

12. Anti-slip mat:

Mainly made of high friction rubber with good anti-slip performance.

13. Laundry bag:

Products made of plastic or cotton and linen are mostly clean and undamaged and have store names and logos printed in Chinese and English.

14. Face cloth:

Mainly white, paper soft and comfortable to use, grade A used.

15. Razor:

The cutting edge is sharp and flat, comfortable and safe to shave, sealed packaging, Chinese and English store name and store logo printed.

16. Application for fingers

The surface of sand is homogeneous, particles are small, there are no grinding phenomena, there are cuffs or lip seals.

17, cotton balls, cotton buds:

The cotton is sterilized, cotton head is tightly wrapped, packaging is sealed.

18. Bath salt (foaming agent, sodium salt):

An elegant fragrance containing minerals, rich foam.

B. Stationery

1. Stationery folder (frame):

Items in good condition are eye-catching, easy to pick up and place, and have shop names and logos printed in Chinese and English. advanced material.

2. Envelopes, postcards:

The envelope must be printed with shop logo, shop name in Chinese and English, address, zip code and phone number. Postcards should have meaning of tourism and promotion.

3. Letter paper, notes:

Paper of uniform quality, andneatly cut without ink bleed and printed with store logo, store name in Chinese and English, address, zip code, phone number and fax number. Paper quality is not less than 70g of paper.

4. Ballpoint pen:

Writing smoothly, no oil leakage, store name and store logo printed on pen body.

5. Pencil:

Graphite pencil, lead preferably HB, rolled for use by guests.

6. Notes folder:

It's undamaged, flat, easy to use, and can print store names and logos in Chinese and English.

6. Maintenance Reminders

1. Service manual, phone instructions, accommodation notice, food delivery menu:

The print is beautiful, instructions are clear, content is accurate, and it is bilingual in Chinese and English. Preferably a map of city.

2. List of TV programs, price list, guest questionnaire, fire safety instructions:

The column layout is clear and complete, both in Chinese and English.

3. Hint and listing:

Beautiful printing, bold handwriting and clear instructions. Easy to hang, Chinese and English.

4. List of laundries, wine list:

Uncopied copy, clear column, accurate content, clearly marked price, bilingual text in Chinese and English.

7. Drinks and drinking utensils

1. Tea:

Dry and clean, without a specific smell, should be packaged or stored in a container indicating type of tea.

2. Cup of tea (cup of hot water):

Mainly made of glass and ceramics, they have a beautiful shape, a round cup neck and a smooth inner wall.

3. Electric kettle:

The insulation performance is good, rated capacity should not exceed 1.7L, and operating instructions should be attached to it. It must comply with relevant national regulations.

4, cold water bottle, cold water glass:

The cold water bottle must be capped, free of scale and contain potable water.

5. Small panel:

Alcohol and drinks must be well sealed, and non-alcoholic drinks must have an expiration date.

6. Wine glass:

Mostly glassware. The mouth of cup is smooth and inner wall is smooth, which should match different wines.

7. Coffee:

Based on instant coffee, it is dry and clean, packaging is intact.

8. Ice bucket:

Clean, easy to use and well insulated.

VIII. Other

1. Hanger:

Mainly made of plastic or wood, burr-free and smooth.

2. Ashtray:

The type of security. Non-smoking floors are not accommodated.

3. Matches

Matches with a wooden rod type MG-A,mostly in high quality carton or wooden box, printed with Chinese and English store name and store logo. Matchsticks, average tip length and matchbox size are subject to hotel discretion. Non-smoking floors are not equipped.

4. Shoeshine:

Including shoe polish, shoe polish, shoe polish cloth, shoe polish paper, etc. After use, it has effect of a bright and clean shoe surface.

5. Waste bin:

Store non-liquid little things.

6. Sewing kit:

Supplied with thread, buttons, sewing needles, matching kits and sealed packaging.

7. Coaster:

Sleek and beautiful, it should play role of thermal insulation, it can be printed with logo of store.

8. Gift package:

Products made of plastic or high quality paper, no damage, with printed Chinese and English store names and store logos.

9. Label (or sign):

Stickers are self-adhesive products, while signs are paper or plastic products. Exquisite and beautiful, full of artistry, shop logo can be printed.

10 good night cards

Exquisite printing, attractive handwriting, bilingual in Chinese and English. You can use electronic displays.