Rules for disposal of items left by hotel guests

Article 1 Within hotel, no matter where employees find any leftover items, they must hand them over to main support team as soon as possible.

Article 2. After receiving lost items, hotel's general service department must register them in register of remaining items and fill in date, place of receipt, name of item, name and department of finder, etc.

Article 3 All remaining items must be locked in storage cabinet. Valuables must be separated from normal items when stored, valuables must be deposited with finance department, and common items must be classified and locked in lockers by front desk staff.

Article 4. The head of department notifies guests to come to hotel and collect things left by guests by checking files of participants.

Article 5. When hotel staff collect items, they must immediately complete registration form of remaining items in duplicate, one copy will be given to finder, and one copy will be stored in closet along with remaining items, and details will be recorded in remains in register book, hotel's general service department must report daily to general manager on situation of items being collected.

Article 6 When a hotel guest returns to pick it up, he needs to repeat composition and location of lost item once, and sales department will approve it and give it to guest in full, and ask guest to sign register. If it is a valuable item, guest's identification number and contact address must also be left.