Measures to manage the procurement of raw materials and other items for hotels

Article 1 The chef and hotel manager must propose a procurement plan in accordance with banquet booking form and refer to kitchen equipment and production plan.

Article 2 The catering department of hotel sends purchasing plan to finance department for review.

Article 3 The purchase request must be completed by hotel's finance department and sent to CEO for approval, and then passed on to buyer.

Article 4 The hotel buyer is responsible for correct, accurate and clear indication of price in purchase order.

Article 5 After purchase, hotel buyer will transfer raw materials directly to warehouse of kitchen and catering department, and warehouse owner will cooperate with chef or catering manager to check and sign acceptance.

Article 6 Once accepted by catering department, buyer sends signed purchase requisition, along with internal direct dialing and invoice, to CEO for approval.

Article 7 The hotel buyer must submit an internal direct dialing list and invoice to finance department for reimbursement.

Article 8 For procurement of other items, each department shall apply for a procurement plan, submit it to finance department for review, sign responsible accountant, submit it to general manager for approval, and then hand it over to buyer for purchase.

Article 9 According to business situation, hotel really needs to urgently purchase items or spare parts and spare parts. After Head of Urgent Purchase calls and receives approval from CEO, he can ask hotel to purchase first. The relevant purchasing procedures can be found in After purchase is completed, it will be reissued.