The operation of OTA system in the hotel. There are 24 key self-checklists to look out for.

The operation of OTA system in the hotel. There are 24 key self-checklists to look out for.

Original: Li Sheng

This article is about self-checking work of OTA hotel

You start with this list of 24 items. Take a look at your OTAs in past

Are there gaps and what can be done in near future?

The operation of OTA system in the hotel. There are 24 key self-checklists to look out for.

Part 1

Parse static information

You can focus on link to "information classification tasks to be performed" in ebk information maintenance module → hotel information evaluation page

Targeted optimization of static information to improve hotel conversion rates


The operation of OTA system in the hotel. There are 24 key self-checklists to look out for.

1. Room type imagesCheck for ≥ 4 images for each room type, including images of general furnishings, windows, beds, bathrooms, and special details p>

2.Number of imagesThere are 8 categories of eBooking hotel images. Is number of images in each album type ≥ 4?

3. Beautiful photosFind a reference hotel with beautiful photos in this city. Compare photos on store's external website with pass

For unsightly images, edit or delete them as appropriate, and timely add "people have, I don't" to images

4. Check first imageFor example:

Open Ctrip app to find this hotel, check if top image of listing page is complete and beautiful, and enter details page to see if first image is suitable

If there are problems such as incomplete composition and dim light, replace it in a timely manner

5. Hotel PoliciesCheck display of hotel policy information in Ctrip app.

Focus on policies around children, pets, etc.

6. Breakfast informationHotel breakfast information is part that many hotels ignore

In addition to displaying number of breakfasts in sales information of room type

You can also save breakfast type, service form, meal type, service time, etc. in hotel policy


The operation of OTA system in the hotel. There are 24 key self-checklists to look out for.

7. Number of rooms Some hotels have discrepancies in number of rooms

Please go to e-booking information maintenance page → hotel basic information page

Enter exact total number of rooms, and on room type information page, enter exact number of rooms of each type

8.Amenities and equipmentWhen guests choose a hotel when they have special requirements for amenities

The desired hotel will be retrieved according to your needs through filter elements. Therefore, hotel needs to complete commissioning of its own equipment

Don't miss this wave of traffic filtered by customers according to their needs. The same applies to room-type equipment.

9.Hotel GraphicsCurrently, many hotels display hotel graphics on Ctrip APP information/services page, which is automatically generated by system

On e-booking information maintenance page→ hotel graphics and text, sellers with design resources can download entire poster

Businessmen without design skills can use "subtitle + paragraph + image" form in background to enter. Before creating, please refer to excellent graphic display of corpus provided by background

10,geographic information

Geographic information must be clear and accurate so that guests can convey up-to-date information

Accurate hotel search. Setting method: Ctrip EBK Background→Maintenance information→Basic information

If location of hotel is difficult to find, you can use other information (such as SMS, DID, etc.) to compensate for this and help guests get to store smoothly

Part 2

Optimize your customer experience

11, Comments respond to second edit

For reviews with neutral or no responses

Re-edit your response in background of your email booking and include relevant ads for hotel highlights such as autumn maples, ginkgo trees, etc.

12. Complete questions and answers about hotelQuestions from guests that have not been answered in detail or have not been answered before

Repeat your detailed and complete response in background of your e-booking

In addition to topic of guest's question, you can also specify hotel features and special information

If some of customer's FAQs don't appear in FAQ section of Ctrip app, you can use employee's dashboard to ask questions and then answer them.

13, IM optimization

Sort completed guest questions and then edit customer advisory guide based on daily phone inquiries and guest Q&A

Synchronize front office, sales and operations staff with copy. Enter Chat Settings page, add questions and answers for automatic questions and answers, and set up categories. The more questions and answers, better

14. Q&A through external channelsIn addition to OTA Q&A, hotel may use Baidu

Weibo and major strategic platforms, search by hotel name or nearby attractions, answer hot questions, and integrate hotel information

Part 3

Maintaining house prices

15, preset price

Due to impact of epidemic, many guests who originally planned to travel for summer holidays

The trip may be delayed. The hotel should remember to bury future price in time so that guests who booked in advance have a free room

16.Support for future room statusFor recently closed hotels, be sure to open future room status so that guests who book in advance can place their bookings as normal < /strong> p>

17. Online hotelYou can book a hotel at eBooking hotel mall or through a business manager

Online hotel packages where expiration date of pre-sale room packages can be set to month epidemic is expected to end

Increase pre-sale discounts to protect profits after epidemic

18, content drain strategy

The epidemic has postponed many people's original itineraries, and many guests will use various major events to re-plan their itineraries

Hotels can use major strategic platforms to drive traffic, such as Ctrip.

Little Red Book, etc., hotel may encourage employees to post travel strategies related to hotel or its surroundings. For content writing, you can refer to popular publications on major platforms to learn for reference

19, notice background

Due to decrease in number of bookings in hotels

Employees definitely don't pay as much attention to background of eBooking computer terminal as they used to. It is best to download Ctrip eBooking APP

Make sure you don't miss important information such as various orders and rules in background

Part 4

Data recovery over network

20, Formulate an annual system price table

In past, due to lack of persoNala, many hotels didn't put much effort into revenue management. Taking advantage of this relatively free time

You can sort and analyze previous years data in combination with previous years data, competitors and general market forecast in 2021

Formulate a system table of OTA and annual prices for each channel

21, key performance analysis

Ctrip eBooking data center provides various data boards

The hotel can get various historical data about hotel in data center→download center

For example, each channel's sales data, traffic conversion rate data, etc. to formulate a next key optimization plan

22. Bad reviews analysis

Hotels can download historical review data from eBooking

Review issues mentioned in negative customer comments

Fixable issues will be fixed and reviewed in store in near future. If you need to correct yourself after returning to work, you can sort through post-epidemic to-do list and send it to appropriate department staff

Part 5

OTA training

23. Familiarize yourself with five aspects of platform

Platform booking interface, platform business reference interface (e-booking), platform rules

Hotel competition platform and business data, business personnel docking platform

24. Check out the latest trends on OTA platforms

Quickly pay attention to Ctrip's wine model, keep abreast of platform activities and policy information, especially pay attention to post-pandemic support policy