Damage caused by guest's behavior to hotel. Claim problem-crisis! how to change word of mouth

Damage caused by guest's behavior to hotel. Claim problem-crisis! how to change word of mouth

Original: Li Sheng

Damage caused by guest's behavior to hotel. Claim problem-crisis! how to change word of mouth

When a guest stays at a hotel, any hotel can damage guest's belongings and demand compensation from guest

How to find best balance between protecting reasonable interests of hotel and greatest possible satisfaction of guests, and correct solution of such problems deserves our attention and consideration

Now I will focus on bringing together a real hotel scene to tell you how to properly handle such problems and turn a crisis into word of mouth

Part 1

Claims riddle


One day, several young male guests came to front desk to check out, and service center quickly reported consumption after going around room

Including more than 400 yuan in compensation for smoke holes in carpet and blood stains on bedding. The client categorically refused to pay compensation

At a dead end, emotional guest spat on floor of hall. Seeing this, guests hurriedly intervened: "Don't you dare throw up anymore, otherwise you will lose money again

" Seeing such a situation, foreman on duty very politely said to guest: "Let me figure it out! "Then he took out toilet paper and bent down to carefully wipe sputum. At this time, initially angry guest became embarrassed and embarrassed, quickly evicted and left

The guest's refusal of compensation, which seemed to have reached a dead end, was deftly resolved with a small gesture of master.

At first glance, easy handling of this incident is purely coincidental, but there is a certain inevitability behind any incident

In this case, foreman took opportunity to solve problem and properly handled incident

However, experience and skills are not enough

The key is that he also understands law of "the customer is always right"

I did not at all show dissatisfaction with aggressive behavior of guests, but blamed them, on contrary

When guests are rude, he is calm; when guests are rude, he is not modest and not overbearing; Damage caused by guest's behavior to hotel. Claim problem-crisis! how to change word of mouth

He smiled and spoke only "rituals" to guests. As a result, guests were touched and issue was resolved

Practice proves that not only did we not lose this client, but he became a regular client of hotel

In real life, there are still many cases where hotels demand compensation from guests

The reasons for guests refusing to pay are even more diverse, but ultimately following stand out:


First, insist that damage happened before check-in

Secondly, it is considered that relevant reminders from hotel were not in place and damage occurred, and hotel is fully responsible

Thirdly, there are doubts about amount of compensation requested by hotel

Part 2

Precautions to ensure there are no problems in room

In first case, where guest insists that damage existed prior to their check-in

Can we be sure that there is no problem in room, or do we still have doubts about our products?

Damage caused by guest's behavior to hotel. Claim problem-crisis! how to change word of mouth

Obviously, reliable and painstaking work, as well as detailed and objective performance reports, will give us confidence in claiming compensation from clients

Therefore you should:

1. The room is fine

Cleaners should check integrity of premises and equipment before cleaning premises, and if there are any problems, fix them in time and report repairs

After finishing room, a self-check link should be set. The focus of self-check should be availability of towels and other amenities for guests.

Are MINI bar products, etc., ready?

2, The master must strictly check bypass of branch

Pay particular attention to some service issues that cannot be resolved in time, and make detailed notes

3, smoke hole in carpet

Burn marks on desktop should be repaired as soon as possible

As famous "Broken Windows Theory" goes, a smoke hole gives guests a psychological hint that "it doesn't matter if you burn another one"

The result of this is not only addition and subtraction of number of chimney openings when claiming compensation from customers

More importantly, this will create a strong sense of distrust among guests, which will eventually lead to our work being completely passive

4. reasonable arrangements and close communication

Reduce home burglaries and decisively end dirty house rentals

5, if conditions permit

The porter or attendant who takes guest to room must inform guest in a detailed and proactive manner about condition and use of premises and equipment

Not only let guests feel our service, but also demonstrate to guests safety of premises and equipment

Part 3

Create a written reminder

Sufficient written reminders and price descriptions can make us more convincing when we make customer claims

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    For example, in:

    The "Maintenance Manual" must be accompanied by a "List of Compensation Prices for Furnishings", which serves not only as an explicit statement, but also as a disguised warning of possible damage

    Another example: problem that guests with dyed hair easily soil pillow bag, you can leave a warm reminder next to bed and prepare dark pillowcases for guests, etc. In short, we must take precautions

    Part 3

    Pay attention to details of claim method/amount


    The specifics of service products determine that advance warning cannot completely exclude occurrence of claims and disputes with customers

    Therefore, when such an incident occurs, it is worth discussing how to deal with it

    1. About how to apply

    ①The front desk must always adhere to principle of "check room first"

    If guest needs to wait a little, administrator can explain to guest like this: "We are checking room for you

    See if you forgot anything. "The advantage of this is that if there is a need for compensation, it will not increase resistance and dissatisfaction of guests due to long waiting time

    ②The statements vary from person to person and from case to case

    For details, see following cases:

    ✎ Case 1 One day waiter checked out and discovered that hanger was missing in room, so without hesitation he reported it to front desk, which infuriated guest

    Remedial Suggestion: when faced with such problems, receptionist should first understand self-check and analyze how likely it is that client will take hanger; then at front desk, staff must conduct a special analysis p>

    Don't just make compensation for client, otherwise this will not only expose loopholes of hotel management to guests, but also make guests feel that hotel has offended them, which will damage image of honest hotel management

    Damage caused by guest's behavior to hotel. Claim problem-crisis! how to change word of mouth

    ✎ Second case

    One day, a guest tore out and soiled sheets due to long-term fatigue and physical discomfort. Vomit penetrated through linen and was not disposed of in time.

    Sheets are no longer usable and guest must pay for them

    Processing recommendations

    If you act mechanically according to rules, you will miss human touch and customers will easily rebel

    A more appropriate way to solve this problem is to first ask about physical condition of guest and take care of him

    Sincerely give him help he needs, next job should be taken for granted and will come when conditions are ripe

    2.How to calculate compensation

    ①Adhering to "customer-friendly" principle, compensation should be low or high. For example, soiled laundry can be restored if it is specially treated

    It is not necessary to make any compensation, or as long as customer pays appropriate laundry fee, compensation according to price will increase laundry loss rate

    This is also contrary to purpose of hotel services

    ②Compensation must generally be less than or equal to cost of item

    The hotel should not ask guest to reimburse guest for an amount of compensation that significantly exceeds its cost, due to intentional infliction of damage by the guest

    This is called a guest penalty, which is legally untenable, so it's only natural for guests to refuse to pay

    Damage caused by guest's behavior to hotel. Claim problem-crisis! how to change word of mouth

    In addition, when calculating compensation, depreciation of damaged items should also be taken into account. In addition, after payment of compensation, guest can pick up damaged items, which can also play a role in psychological balance

    In short, more complete preliminary consideration and more reasonable calculation, more it contributes to solution of such problems

    3、No need to pay for loss


    After returning rented umbrella to guest, it turns out that umbrella can no longer be used

    It is necessary to analyze whether damage to umbrella is caused by people or is it a mechanical failure of umbrella itself

    Only by determining cause, we can find right treatment

    Another situation is that we should be wary of claims from old, reputable customers

    Reception staff should immediately contact their superiors for instructions and take appropriate action


    Firstly, if a dispute or complaint arises, manager should arrive at scene as soon as possible to deal with it

    Second, at all times, always insist on "ritual" rather than "reason" with guests

    Third, "he loves" is influenced by "I love". As a hotel staff, we must first take care of environment and property

    Respect work achievements of other employees, such "proud" behavior will subtly convey a message to guests

    We love every corner of our hotel and we hope you do too! Thus, hinting to guests: we ask you for compensation, because we like it!

    Effectively prevent and repair damage caused by hotel guests.

    We need joint efforts and cooperation of our front office, rooms and even all relevant departments of hotel, including engineering department

    The best state for resolving customer complaints is win-win between hotel economics and customer satisfaction