How to make sure that number of regular hotel customers reaches 75%?

Original: Li Sheng

There is usually a rule

Transactions from Loyal Customers

Approximately 15 times more than new clients


Maintenance costs account for only one-sixth of new customers

And greater volume of transactions, lower cost of traffic

For example

From OTA

Turn a guest into a hotel member


Continuous service and efficient maintenance

New customers become old members

Slowly become a key member of hotel

In terms of channel cost

Guests of this membership type


Increase number and frequency of posting

Take down your channel costs gradually

The longer time, better it is absorbed

The final cost of channel tends to zero

I say one

Ecommerce example

This company

75% of customers are repeat customers



This company

What is source of inspiration and feedback from a successful hotel experience?



Have you heard of Zappos?


Shortcut: Zappos

After creation

Over $1 billion in annual sales

This company is admired by countless people

Selling shoes only, one product

Do it

Nowhere in world on this scale

only unique

This company

A quarter of US shoe market

is global

The largest online shoe store

for 100 guests

There are 75 people ready to make a second purchase

Repeat Clients

Has become an essential part of business strategy

About us

Successful experience of this company

There is no direct path

I didn't see any special secrets from them

But in end they succeeded, and I envy

About this company

I summarized three success factors


Strong cultural strength

This company

There is a set of corporate culture as a basis for development

and continue


Make your clients

More happiness through better service


Empower your employees

More happy by emphasizing corporate culture


Do it yourself

Become happier by learning more about science of happiness

And constantly optimize team

Create a motivated team? Create a family spirit

Here is summary

Happier employees


Customers happy


Profitable business + meaningful life

The second element of success


Abbreviation: holacracy

Self-management system

In a traditional organization

Each employee does one job

It is difficult to change or move content of task

But in this company

Each employee

Average more than 7 different roles

And all roles

Take on 3-4 different responsibilities

In other words, each employee has an average of over 25 responsibilities


The biggest advantage of this method

This is achieved by employee empowerment

Task progress

Make them aware

Work smarter and achieve more

Success factors


Build your brand with customer service


Provide a 365-day return policy


24 hours a day, 7 days a week, phone unhindered


Delivery is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Help never sells anything


Create lifelong customer relationships with phone calls


Can help customers order takeout

Founder of Amazon

Bezos said something

Zappos Customer Service

No one can catch up, not even Amazon

This is kind of service

Allow customers to receive goods earlier

Improve customer service

Increased satisfaction and increased returns

Like yesterday

I bought two books

No news for several days

I had to check it online

I made a call for logistics, but I'm busy

I'll leave a message

I got a call from logistics department saying that book had already arrived


The gap is very large

The result is naturally different

I will never go back to this store for books next time


How many hotels have their own culture

How many hotels are there

Let your own culture penetrate people's hearts

How many hotels are not authorized

How many hotels care about service

Call a customer at Zappos

No time limit

We don't care about cost in eyes of our customers

Zappos Review

There are many successful examples

I'm just thinking

The above three aspects are very important


Can make 75% of customers become repeat customers


I think

Corporate culture

Management system — Service system

Operation, ---customer return

When more hotels

Competitionremains in guest traffic

For consideration

You can't force guests to come back

I think

Competition in hotels of future is also competition for repeat customers

When with competitors

When there is a price war

Think of personalized service without screaming every day

How to implement effectively

When elsewonder what to give

Your customers are slowly losing

No marketing costs

Can't solve customer retention problem

Start with hotel culture only

Improve organizational effectiveness, use standard thinking

Customer focused

and based on data

Let personalized service speak loud

Increase proportion of repeat customers

And use it as a hotel strategy

This is main competitiveness of hotel in future