how to keep hotel guests

how to keep hotel guests

The biggest difference between new 4P marketing and first P 4P marketing is shift from product thinking to customer thinking, which is easy to say but hard to do. Because it is a change in thinking and concept.

The mindset of internet users is aligned with mindset of consumers of new 4P, telling us a simple truth: what do you know? What can you suggest? But what do you offer clients?

What does it mean with such a mindset to find a word in traditional Chinese culture? It's "altruistic" so first Ps of new 4Ps and mindset of internet users is nothing new, history has already told us.

In terms of hotel positioning, altruism requires market research, market segmentation, customer positioning, and then creating hotel products.

how to keep hotel guests

"Altruism" was originally a Buddhist term for giving convenience and benefit to others without expecting anything in return. Now it refers to behavior based on respect for interests of others, so that others receive convenience and benefits, as well as behavior that is voluntary, altruistic and beneficial to society.

From this meaning in full, it is still very difficult for hospitality industry to grasp "altruism". We can practice at a more microscopic level, treat others better first, provide more convenient products and services, and then expand step by step.

First, start with corporate culture of hotel

To reflect concept of "altruism" in hotel culture, position concept of hotel service as "altruism" and promote it from bottom up.

Second, hotel leaders should take lead in practice

Hotel managers should practice themselves and treat staff and guests with an "altruistic" mindset and behavior.

Third, get everyone going

It is necessary that all hotel staff change their ideas, from egocentrism to "guest"-centrism, that is, "altruism" in first place; at same time, it is necessary for management to carry out constant promotion and promotion, as well as to gather employees in one direction. This is a condition for true practice of "altruism".

Fourth, Treat guests like "friends" or "relatives".

Fifth. The hotel should encourage altruistic behavior and results in a timely manner. In other words, good people and good deeds done by hotel employees need to be motivated in a timely manner, which needs to be institutionalized.

how to keep hotel guests

In specific "altruistic" process of hotel, hotel must have an understanding of needs of guests and store needs of guests in data, that is, in labels and portraits of guests, which Mr. Peng often said. Only by correctly understanding needs of guests, hotel can accurately realize "altruism". Otherwise, it may be that hotel has good intentions, but guests do not appreciate it and cannot impress guests.

Also pay attention to impressions of guests. Constantly optimize content of our SOP products and services according to customer's experience, so that SOP matches customer's habits and compliance is valuable and reasonable.

When everyone in a hotel treats guests with "altruistic" mindsets and behaviors, it's not just product and environment that keeps guests engaged, but "experience" that touches soul.