How independent hotels will tackle brain drain in second half of 2020

How independent hotels will tackle brain drain in second half of 2020

The second half of 2021 has arrived as planned.

In hospitality industry, [talent] will face new challenges in second half of 2021. The problem here is that flow of talent is accelerating, and there are fewer and fewer hotels for [valuable talent].

Because in second half of this year, overall demand for talent in hospitality industry will gradually increase, and some talents change careers due to efficiency of hospitality industry and other reasons. Specific indicators:

First, registered hotel groups are growing faster

Undoubtedly, large-scale expansion of hotel groups, driven by capital, is accelerating. Due to speed of self-improvement and creation of echelons of talent, [trust] in franchised hotel group's brand suffered. Therefore, hotel group will definitely increase its own talent training, but it still cannot meet development needs. In such a situation, hotel group is sure to attract more suitable talent, resulting in an influx of hotel talent.

Secondly, hotel chains have ideal growth rates

Hotel chains that want to expand and develop are also [stretched] in terms of talent training. The talent training system is imperfect, and middle management of hotel is difficult to continue. They will definitely increase their efforts to attract external specialists. .

How independent hotels will tackle brain drain in second half of 2020

Third, an increase in number of middle-class and theme hotels

In past few years, we have seen an active development of middle-class hotels and themed hotels. The modernization of consumption and modernization of hotels have become [leitmotif] of hotel development. In second half of this year and even next year, this dynamic [intensifies], which will inevitably indicate that possibility of an influx of talent will increase.

Fourthly, hotel business diversification and market segmentation

Today, hospitality industry is diversified and professional hotel managers have more options to choose from. It mainly depends on professional positioning of professional hotel managers and their own development goals.

The flow of hotel talent in second half of this year may have following characteristics:

First, monomer enters chain

Secondly, low star flows into high star

Third, economy is moving towards middle

Fourthly, influx of hotel industry into hotel industry

Fifth, some hotel workers are moving to other industries

So, how do most independent hotels deal with talent that might be lost?

How independent hotels will tackle brain drain in second half of 2020

First, adjust hotel salary structure and related mechanisms in a timely manner

Timely adjust salary structure of hotel according to market conditions, mainly in size and proportion of base salary, performance, commission, etc. At same time, it is necessary to develop related mechanisms, such as: promotion mechanism , learning mechanism, salary adjustment mechanism, reward mechanism, etc.

Second, adequate decentralization and authorization

From point of view of position, redefine scope of responsible work, and at same time, hotel needs to implement reasonable authorization and decentralization so that managers have certain rights and corresponding responsibilities. This will stimulate inner belonging to work and responsibility.

Third, make a good hotel development plan

The future development of hotel requires a [plan] and a roadmap needs to be developed for implementation so that everyone is more prepared to [go with you] when they see future.

The salary doesn't meet requirements and you can't even give a dream to everyone who will play with you!

Fourth, Sharing Benefits and Careers

For example: such systems as dividends at end of year.

An effective incentive mechanism is also very important, and design of salary structure, fairness of real incentives such as commissions and rewards, is also a very important factor.

Here, hotel needs to understand various requirements of management.

There are many reasons why hotel talent will shift from second half of 2021 to next year, so hotels need to figure out how to deal with such market changes. If you are not fully prepared, you may only encounter [regret].