The convenience of hotel is also a kind of competitiveness.

The convenience of hotel is also a kind of competitiveness.

At Wendy's Hotel believes that there are still many aspects that need to be optimized and changed. For example:


Wendy suggested that more convenient better, it's best not to log in with a password, notify guests upon check-in, or write clearly on room card.

Second, breakfast

It is convenient for guests to know time and floor of breakfast, or when they leave hotel early, hotel provides a convenient breakfast. Because cost of a guest's room sometimes includes breakfast.

Third, guest room

TV, kettle, shower, power cord, socket location, mobile station in bathroom, etc.

One day, Wendy was staying at a hotel that looked nice from outside, but when Wendy was charging her phone and looking for an outlet, outlets on both sides of bed didn't work at all, and used to gain a lot of Power just can't get in .

The convenience of hotel is also a kind of competitiveness.

Wendy brings this real-life example here to remind all her hotel friends that Wendy often encounters similar situations in hotels she stays in. The problem is either here or there. Such problems have no technical content. Many of these times we "close our eyes".

We are seriously considering this. Providing convenience to customers is not so difficult. The main problem is that we lack ability to think systematically, especially spirit of death.

The speed of hotel development in recent years has brought hotel industry to present day. In terms of quality, Wendy believes that she has "regressed", especially problem of independent hotels is more serious.

not only does not pay attention to creation of an internal management system, but also there is no ability for continuous learning. Here Wendy wants to express if everyone is like that, but most of them still have such problems.

In terms of convenience, as long as hotel pays attention to convenience of guests, I believe that most hotels will come up with many good ways, and they will definitely work better than they do now. will also be different. The end result is customer satisfaction and an increase in repeat purchases.

So, Wendy said, Convenience is also a kind of competitiveness.

Wendy really looks forward to connecting with friends in hotel industry, sharing experiences with each other, and progressing together so that we can improve operation of hotel and make customers more satisfied. Welcome to submit articles and exchanges.