What is hotel lifestyle?

What is hotel lifestyle?

We used to think that lifestyle hotels were a new breed, but now it seems like they might just be an introduction to overall evolution of hotels. In future, lifestyle hotel category is likely to gradually disappear and be replaced by more or less lifestyle hotels.

What is hotel lifestyle?

Over past few years, many major hotel groups such as Hilton, Marriott, Starwood, etc. have been building hospitality brands and merging their communities to adapt to changing needs and preferences of today's guests. Hilton owns Canopy and Curio brands, Marriott owns AC Hotels and Autograph Collection, and Starwood created Aloft hotels with an active lifestyle in mind.

Today, from beginning of design and positioning, hotels have been using more flexible design standards to support localization and more effectively reflect positioning and authenticity of specific area in which hotel is located. For hotels located in a mixed-use development area, their success lies in a "symbiotic relationship" that is consistent with overall development. Retail stores, office space and hotel guests will continue to evolve and change over time, hospitality industry is constantly evolving and revitalizing, and new guests expect their experience to be their own and authentic.

For Chuan Hotels, new mixed-use developments focus on lifestyle hubs that truly embody life, work and play. Very "cool" and very unique. The hallmark of these lifestyle centers is combination of housing, retail, shops, cinemas and amenities such as convenience stores, pharmacies, restaurants, bars and of course hotels.

As a result, disputes arose about stylish hotels. Just like water vendors ask you to pay more for hyaluronic acid-infused mineral water, and milk vendors ask you to pay more for milk with highest milk protein content. this means?

Everyone has their own lifestyle. The more lifestyle hotels you look at, more confused you become. What is a lifestyle hotel?

01 Self-proclaimed differentiation

The revolution in industry has entered a mature stage. The reason why lifestyle hotels were considered a new species when they came into existence at an early stage is mainly due to a kind of self-promotion and self-promotion.

In hindsight, some of early hotel products, which may reflect certain life experiences, were first enhanced to make people stand out. California Sunshine et al. And emerging new products seem to have temporarily deviated from traditional appearance of hotel for a period of time, so lifestyle has become a very general and life-related choice of name.

The topic can be covered, and it's best to add a label to it, which should be a new look. Whether it was Platinum series in early days, Atour or Juzi at that time, successful pioneering work suddenly made them shine on scene and received a lot of publicity, and then allowed so-called new kinds of lifestyle hotels to enter world. era of advertising. Advertising favoredfueled and sparked expansion, so whether it was a late emerging brand or those leading brands, they all unwittingly entered into a self-promotional battle after being advertised, because only continuous success of self-proclaimed can maintain its ongoing popularity and realize sustainability of new brand.

However, as mid-range hotel revolution spearheaded by this new kind of lifestyle has entered its mature stage, current game of flaunting and flaunting seems to be drying up. However, hotel's original vision as a lifestyle projecting platform was realized. And two possibilities contributed to this development: firstly, stimulating effect caused by success of new species, and secondly, a new generation of consumer appetites and updated knowledge stimulate a new, widely sprouted demand. Especially latter, it has created a desire among different consumption classes of hotels to "change their tastes", and large-scale change in taste is an opportunity for consumption upgrades to emerge.

02 Lifestyle definition is fading away

This is about stepping into "land of selflessness", so I boldly argue that lifestyle hotels will gradually disappear, because sparks that have already ignited steppe fire should give rise to lifestyle of all hotels. lifestyle hotel will also step into “country without itself”.

In this regard, many big names in industry have made same statement in some of recent forums. From opinions of many people, we can conclude that hotel lifestyle has basically become future development trend of people in industry. , great consensus. So, what new challenges does hotel lifestyle bring to hotel? In my opinion, this mainly involves two aspects of implementation of function, one is to approve a lifestyle, and other is to create a lifestyle. The realization of these two functions requires achievement of a common goal, which is to make hotel an "effective projection field" for human imagination and pursuit of a better lifestyle.

What is hotel lifestyle?

The so-called effective projection refers to a high degree of adaptation between situation created by hotel and imagination or desire of consumers. Among them, imagined lifestyle is an abstract concept of consumer's lifestyle (such as cosmic lifestyle); a yearning lifestyle is a specific concept of consumer's lifestyle (such as European classical lifestyle). The situation created by hotel is a shared experience realized through efficient setting of stage space and service content (the logic of setting stage space and service content). The higher match between situation and consumer's imagination or aspiration, more successful hotel's path to lifestyle becomes.

If overall goal of lifestyle is to achieve a high degree of adaptation between situation and imagination (or desire) of consumers for a lifestyle, then in process of achieving this goal, hotel needs to choose or confirm a certain lifestyle, or create a lifestyle. If you choose confirmation, you must be committed to satisfying guests' life aspirations based on concept of a particular experience (for example, a French style life experience); if you decide to create, it must satisfy imagination of guests. based on concept of abstract experience (for example: a hermit's journey). The key to success of validation category lies in constantly learning "how to do it authentically"; The key to success of category of creation is constantly learning "how to be fun."

03 Consumers enjoy life more

As mentioned earlier, there is a high possibility that all hotels will experience varying degrees of "lifestyle" in future because "taste" that sees hotel as a lifestyle projection field has been "suspended" by rapid development. mid-range hotels, Heat was ignited by pioneers of what they call a new lifestyle. In future, when customers of all consumption classes choose to stay in a hotel, they will inevitably pay attention to their emotional and lifestyle needs in addition to functional needs, because they think that this is what they deserve when they choose a hotel New , a nascent but widespread "feel benefits" such as WIFI.

Lifestyle is gene, whether it's a luxury hotel, a resort hotel, a social hotel, a theme hotel, or a dedicated boutique hotel, they can all inspire you to create your own lifestyle trappings. Hotel style hotels continue to expand beyond accommodation function, exploring unique market segments and adding local cultural heritage. Usually this is a characteristic spiritual attribute, experience, color and a cup of coffee.

Take an idea for an advertisement. With this wave of lifestyle hotels taking over market, I believe market will tell if they can really make consumers enjoyI live or take advantage of east wind and forcefully collect an IQ tax. .

In final chapter of 2021, perhaps all hotels should consider whether to create a certain lifestyle in future or affirm a certain lifestyle!