How hotel members should be organized

When building and operating a hotel membership system, Wendy believes that most important thing is design of system, whether it is comprehensive, whether implementation and follow-up issues are clearly considered, and whether core value of participants is clearly considered. from a higher dimension, etc. It determines effectiveness of implementation of membership and marketing services.

Building a hotel membership system should start with following:

First, about membership levels

Wendy suggested that number of membership levels depends on average cost of a hotel room. Basically, higher average room rate, more levels you can get, and vice versa. For example: 5 levels can be set for an average house price of more than 500. It is also assumed that level can be determined by referring to principle of gamification.

Second, conditions of promotion

Today, hoteliers are more and more mature in their approach to this issue. Wendy suggested that it would be fairer to use number of nights in room as condition for action.

Third, more and less membership benefits

When establishing membership benefits, it doesn't matter, more better, it's better to just meet needs of members, but many friends of hotel asked me: Wendy, we don't know what members need? Well, let's order benefits that hotel can provide, and proceed according to degree of importance, as long as it meets few points that members are most concerned about, don't worry about converting members. For example: discounts, breakfast, points, extended checkout, etc., just satisfy needs of members.

If there are too many rights and interests of participants, it will not only increase value of hotel, but also improve satisfaction of participants, which may cause dissatisfaction among participants.

Fourth, pricing structure

Basic principle: from high to low: retail price (individual customers), OTA, contract company customers (different prices), member prices (different price levels), and other prices.

You need to determine if customer's price is higher or lower than bidder's price agreement. Wendy suggested that client's price per agreement could be equal to or in between average price of membership level. For example: there are 5 levels of hotel members, and price of client agreement can be equal to price of members of second and third levels.

Fifth, a specific division of labor

It mainly refers to implementation of membership benefits, implementation of member conversion, adjustment of hotel prices for members at a later period, division of labor between implementation of services for members and implementation of marketing for members, which is necessary to be equal to departments and positions.

Sixth, reward policy

Byincentives mainly refer to membership conversion incentives, membership card sales incentives, etc.

Seventh, member management

Membership management is most important job, and it is also beyond capacity of most hotels. Here Wendy just wants to remind hotels that have become members and hotels that want to become members. If you want to avoid members who will not be active in future, or want to activate members who will not be active in future, you need to get this thing done during construction. Otherwise, as soon as you accumulate tens of thousands of participants and find that many participants are not active, you will not have opportunity to activate it, because there is a "problem trap" in design.

The above is Mr. Wendy's reminder to hotel as a member or to a hotel that has already become a member. If you have any problems in process of joining, welcome to chat with Wendy. Wendy has very high hopes of finding friends in hospitality industry. Communicate, learn from each other and make progress together so that we can make hotel better and make customers happier.