Hotel workers ask for a raise, here's how it should be handled

In daily process of managing a hotel, you as a manager often face difficult problem of having your employees ask for a raise. If this is handled well, not only will it not affect performance of employees, but they will work harder and there will be no emotions or complaints when working overtime. If you don't do it well and don't have a strategy and methods, it will not only affect emotions of employees, but they may soon leave you.

When such a situation arises, it is usually necessary to start with following aspects:

1. Understand clearly reasons why workers are demanding higher wages and decide if this is reasonable?

2. Find right time and place to talk, find out if there have been difficulties at work lately, if there are problems at home, see if there is any motivation to leave work;

3. We must pay attention to such problems, react at first time and not delay too long;

4. Measure their performance and abilities, compare with local colleagues and salary in same position. If your salary at hotel is really too low, you need to report situation to your boss in time.

There is another situation. The scale of two hotels is similar, and indeed there is a gap in work of same position (name), in such a situation, manager needs to make an objective and detailed assessment, and specific content of work of two positions must be compared., I think that organization and management of hotel are different, separation labor is different, specific content of work is different, salary is different, but title of position is same. Those who do not understand real situation think that others have higher salaries than we do.

Give an example: One administrator's salary is 3,000 yuan and other is 2,600 yuan. In terms of specific content of work, first company must deal with sales and sign agreements with customers every week, and second is reception of work.

I did a strategic analysis earlier. If it really happened that salary in our hotel is very low and there is no possibility of a salary increase, how to solve such a problem?

Wendy suggested starting with setting career goals for employees, salary at hotel and promotion mechanism:

1. Setting career goals.

The topic of setting career goals, many managers themselves are not necessarily clear thinkers. Often we lack direction and purpose of progress. Therefore, whether in terms of salary or personal development, we need to think clearly about ourselves. What kind of person do you want to be in future, can a salary increase of a few hundred solve your current problems? If you do not make progress in buying an extra piece of clothing or eating a few more times and your abilities do not increase, in a few years you will only be able to watch others increase theirmy salary.

The most fundamental way to solve problem of increasing income is to improve your abilities, constantly improve and make your abilities valuable, and raising wages is a natural phenomenon.

If employees can't reasonably raise their pay and can't give them room to grow and encourage them to learn and progress, it's right choice for employees to leave.

The topic of setting career goals has gone beyond a pay rise, it's about your own future.

2. Salary structure in hotel

When it comes to salary increases, you also need to consider whether salary structure is reasonable at hotel, whether to conduct appropriate salary surveys every year, and to continuously improve your salary structure, such as whether it is broadband. structure. There is no possibility of promotion, and salary is same. Up and down.

3. Hotel promotion mechanism

The hotel promotion mechanism is a channel for development of hotel employees. Generally speaking, there are three channels for promotion: first type of business, that is, you do a good job, gradually improve your business ability, and can bring value to hotel; second type is management category, which focuses on management. This kind of improvement is a great test for people, and there aren't many opportunities; third category is technology, such as finance and IT. .

Employees offer a variety of factors to raise wages, and method is also different. What fits is better.

Wendy really looks forward to connecting with friends in hotel industry, sharing experiences with each other, and progressing together so that we can improve operation of hotel and make customers more satisfied. Welcome to submit articles and exchanges.