Why does hotel's performance fail to meet regulatory requirements?

Why does hotel's performance fail to meet regulatory requirements?

When we see that employees are dissatisfied with results of implementation, as a rule, we will definitely criticize or criticize or ... but in spite of everything, results of implementation have been established, time has passed, and sometimes there is a cure. maybe, but sometimes it's too late.

If results of work of subordinates always do not meet regulatory requirements and are unsatisfactory, manager needs to think about what problem is, in ability or desire of employee, in his own direction or method. .

Today, Wendy mostly shares a key point that we often easily overlook, especially as it becomes more likely to be overlooked as time goes on.

This is key point: check.

Why does hotel's performance fail to meet regulatory requirements?

In famous Deming circle, PDCA C is an inspection, only in this case control is a closed loop.

In current situation of hotel management, it is impossible and unrealistic for all work to be checked by boss, but if some work is not checked, it will be of poor quality, and result of performance will not meet required standards.

As a great manager, you should know what to check, what to check, at which node and at what time it is best to check. For example: in an economy hotel or a boutique hotel, store manager needs to randomly check several rooms. If breakfast at hotel is poor, it also needs to be checked. Relevant managers should be on site before food is opened and when it is received.

In hotel management process, there are many tasks that do not require full review, and some tasks need to be reviewed. The key is that we, as managers, must be clear. Wendy once asked many hotel managers, do we manage process or result? Most responses were incomplete or without a clear judgment.

Wendy's personal opinion (for reference only):

When people and things are very mature, we usually don't need to check, only result.

When people and things are immature, we need to test.

For example. In terms of member conversions at hotel, reception manager found recent occupancy to be quite good. The proportion of OTA guests and individual clients is quite high, but number of converted members is low. In this case, front office manager needs to check if there was a conversion of participants during peak period. What is problem? To what extent?

Why does hotel's performance fail to meet regulatory requirements?

When something goes wrong, or a bad result affects start of next one, we need to check. When an employee in this position is very good, and his qualifications are also high, although this matter is more important, we are not obliged to do everything ourselves, random checks can be carried out.

When something has a strong time limit, it needs to be checked to make sure result meets standard requirements, otherwise, if there is an error, we will not be able to catch up.

Some hotel CEOs need to check 5 rooms a day, which makes sense. This not only allows you to know status of hotel rooms, quality of everyone's work and status of room manager, but also improves your assessment of work of room department, and at same time promotes progress and compliance of work of room department.

Checking work is a skill, a method, and an art.

Wendy really looks forward to connecting with friends in hotel industry, sharing experiences with each other, and progressing together so that we can improve operation of hotel and make customers more satisfied. Welcome to submit articles and exchanges.