What is essence of hotel management problems? Where are main problems?

Let's start with phenomenon of hotel management. What is essence of hotel management problems? Where are main problems? Who is root cause of problem?

First, ultra vires command is norm

This is very common in hotels, especially owners, who are not very generous and do not understand management, often direct or subordinate subordinates. I once asked a front-line employee what to do if you run into multiple supervisors who are guiding you? He wisely told me that whoever is an official should listen to him or do what he orders first.

There is also such a phenomenon as combination of one person. Many business owners believe that this has two advantages: firstly, you can save on wages, and secondly, you can increase wages of part-time workers. As everyone knows, if a part-time worker is not capable or professional enough, he will not only lose sight of other, but will also drag out things, or affect feelings of guests.

Decisions: Keep in mind 4 principles of organization and management, one of which is "Do not bypass command, bypass inspection"; perform well in organizational division of labor, from departmental function to job responsibilities (job description).

Second, volatility is norm

Inconstant and random changes will tire managers. One decision by owner will disrupt many things in management. Any system, any norm, any standard, it's all waste paper. This not only disrupted established operations, but also sowed seeds of "difficulties" for standardized hotel management.

Decisions. Improve goal and budget management, do a good job of managing plans, reduce owner intervention, and allow owners to fully participate and play in goals, budgets, and planning phases, preferably as fully as possible.

Third, ignore law, man conquers heaven

Because I don't understand hospitality business, I will lack some knowledge about rules of hospitality business. I always feel like I excel in other industries. Although I have never worked in hospitality industry, problem is. So just follow your feelings to guide. Since he is general owner, he will not mind. Over time, problem will become more and more serious. Gradually, professional talents will not adapt to it, and they will find another job..

Like hotels in many scenic areas, they have low and peak seasons, which should be clearly considered when approving a project, but after operation, owner will definitely ask management team to solve problem of low season occupancy. and peak seasons.

The solution. Start with training, reduce interference, watch more and direct less, and hireprofessional talents to provide full resolution.

Fourthly, Vaide's blocking ability is too weak

The standard for hiring people is trust first. There is nothing wrong. The problem is that all people you trust are not suitable for this position. In combination with personal emotions, professional abilities will be blocked, which will be reflected in fact that people below will be less professional and deprived of most basic management system and common sense. Well, if hotel is small, but if it is large, it will be chaotic, like a high-rated chess player watching a low-rated chess player play chess.

Solutions: enhancing personal learning, continuous improvement of abilities and professionalism; next level should be very professional; three substitutions.

Five, performance degradation is erratic

Location is a key but not only success factor for hotels. When a hotel has no competitors, it will ignore some hotel marketing work and assume that hotel is doing well. The hotel I contacted was in a mess a few years ago, and general manager of store was also very bright, he always felt that he was capable, and hotel company also believed that his own ability was really strong, but because general manager resisted, he was fired soon after. Yes, there is a new CEO, occupancy is also very high, and income is also high. A few years later, performance of same CEO plummeted because there were at least 6 other competitors nearby.

Under such circumstances, hotel will definitely strengthen activities of marketing department, sign agreements, hold meetings, conduct OTA drainage, wage wars, participate in promotions, make discounts, etc. Call marketing department immediately. Hold meetings, study customer development market strategies, etc.

A hotel is a system, not a department. If hotel's internal management, service, products, environment, sanitation, etc. are not good enough, marketing department will be exhausted and unable to keep hotel or stop hotel's decline.

What a "painful" perception continues to exist in hospitality industry.

Solution: inner sage and outer king, both inner and outer improvement, create your own direct selling participation system.

Problems in hotel management are not limited to 5 points above, but notes consider these 5 points to be more important.

The above five phenomena fully demonstrate that hotel owner is root of all problems. If you don't find problems with owner, hotel's problems will go on forever. Incompetent people will accompany owner.People who dream will leave. Therefore, in order to radically solve above problems, first of all, hotel owners need to change.

Wendy really looks forward to connecting with friends in hotel industry, sharing experiences with each other, and progressing together so that we can improve operation of hotel and make customers more satisfied. Welcome to submit articles and exchanges.