To increase hotel occupancy during off-season, should you start with these aspects?

To increase hotel occupancy during off-season, should you start with these aspects?

Under normal circumstances, July and August are peak season for hotels, especially in areas with tourist resources.

After end of peak season, many hotels immediately move into off-season. How to boost off-season occupancy is something everyone has been trying to do well.

Wendy has 9 tips to help ease pressure on your hotel during off-season:

To increase hotel occupancy during off-season, should you start with these aspects?

01. Reasonable income

It is not necessary to say more about this, but we must pay attention not to harm customers who have made a repeat purchase or important customers due to profit. Therefore, income must be reasonable.

02. Take care of clients by agreement

Don't ignore needs of contract clients due to more bookings and appointments. If we don't take contract clients seriously, we can be very passive in off-season. Here it is necessary to balance ratio of channels of hotel and number of rooms in terms of off-season.

03. Don't ignore your members

This is same as protocol client above. The members of hotel are their own private domain traffic and are also customer resources maintained by hotel for a long time, so it is necessary to ensure that their members can make reservations.

04.OTA also needs free rooms

More income can be obtained with OTA. Especially difference in type of room, and at same time, it is necessary to consider how to avoid bad reviews or make appropriate plans or targeted services.

05. Necessary services need to be strengthened

For example: breakfast. Services that are simply required by similar customers need to be done well, and verification efforts need to be increased. Don't think it doesn't matter now how many guests you have.

06. Improving efficiency

In a hotel, second line should serve first line, while reducing unnecessary approval procedures, increasing speed of responding to guests and reducing time for internal communication, so that more time can be devoted to guests.

07. Smart rest

Especially waiters on floor. If work reaches a certain level, it will affect quality of house and, finally, guest experience.

Therefore, it is necessary that hotel department and rooms department coordinate this issue or do a good job of replenishing workforce.

To increase hotel occupancy during off-season, should you start with these aspects?

08. Satisfaction

Satisfaction is what a hotel always strives for and what needs to be done well.

Therefore, hotel needs to provide targeted services or optimize procedures for customers in terms of customer satisfaction. Reduce guest waiting times, provide more convenient services, take care of valuable guests, etc.

09. Pre-purchase

The buyback rate can be converted into a hotel occupancy component.

So hotels need to start with satisfaction and consciously make repeat purchases. Or some people say why tourists redeem? Yes, redemption rate of ordinary tourists is relatively low, but today's times have changed and there is a word in marketing called F-factor. This is word of mouth communication that we often talk about: if a tourist has a great experience in our hotel, he can tell his colleagues and friends around him about it.

Thus, having realized value of tourist guests, hotel can work well on "pre-hidden ransom".

Wendy shared above 9 content aspects, not just above 9 aspects, hotel needs to do target design and planning based on its own actual situation, end goal is not only peak season occupancy is improvement operating performance of hotel in off-season or in long term.

Wendy really looks forward to connecting with friends in hotel industry, sharing experience and progressing together so that we can improve operation of hotel and make customers more satisfied. Welcome to submit articles and exchange views.