Hotel staff should manage like this

Hotel staff should manage like this

Among today's hotel employees there is an outstanding phenomenon - "dumbbell" personnel structure.

"Old at top" (one end of a dumbbell) refers to senior hotel staff such as room department; "small at bottom" (one end of a dumbbell) refers to young employees, such as front office department; By.

Faced with "old on top" and "young on bottom" teams, hotel managers actually made management more difficult. They have a richer life experience than we do. In addition, partners in front office and other departments have different value orientations and work goals, such a team has not only age differences, but also gender differences, differences in education, differences in work goals.

Such differences will imperceptibly lead to disagreements in governance. For example: differences in incentives, differences in communication channels, differences in leadership styles, etc.

Hotel staff should manage like this

In terms of leadership, older sisters and uncles need more leadership, leading direction, setting goals and demanding results, constantly encouraging and praising in time.

From point of view of leaders themselves, they need to improve their overall outlook, reduce influence of their emotions on work, continue to improve in business, be fair and strict in character, be very disciplined and lead by example. Instead of giving orders, use your charm to get team ahead.

In terms of team building for older sisters and uncles, it is more necessary to strengthen communication, take more care of them and their families, invest more emotions and true feelings, take into account their realities : friends need to use interest and fashion as a link, adjust their status in a timely manner, give more praise and less criticize, and at same time need to strengthen boundaries of management, emphasize seriousness and fairness of system, and pay more attention to their >future questions.

In terms of growth path, growth paths of older sisters and uncles are completely different from growth paths of younger partners. Older sisters and uncles came "on same road", while Nan's younger partners grew up with Internet, they have different styles of doing business, different views on problems, different goals and objectives in their work. So it needs to be treated differently.

Hotel staff should manage like this

From a business point of view older sisters and uncles must be patient and constantly practice; junior partners should develop from knowledge to skills, allowing them to be careless and make small mistakes, but they need to be corrected in time.

For example: To become a member, you need to tag members in hotel lobby and guest room. Friends in hall can easily find out, and older sisters in guest room need to patiently teach them and help in time.

When managing, you need to pay attention to time and occasion for "correction" and "criticism", because most people are easily influenced by emotions, and a word can affect them half a day's work.

Leading a team where old on top and young on bottom”, improving leadership is fundamental, team building is a guarantee and incentive mechanism. is “driving force” “In such conditions, targeted methods and management actions are more effective.

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