Hotel marketing is like falling in love

Forging relationships is like doing hotel marketing. You must establish a relationship with other party. As relationship changes, you get closer and closer and finally get married. Hotel marketing is about creating consumption.

Whether you're in dating business or hotel marketing, there are usually four steps you need to go through, which are:

  • Find right target
  • Build relationships
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Create consumption
  • Let's look at these four steps.

    Step One: Finding Right Target

    Whether it's about college to fall in love, or about falling in love after coming to work. First of all, you must choose right goal. This goal is very important. If you find right goal, you will find direction of your efforts. If you find that this is not suitable after establishing a relationship, previous efforts will lose their value.

    As in case of hotel marketing, many contract divisions have been launched and all outputs have been signed with cooperation agreements, but very few of them are effective. Most of these problems are due to following reasons: firstly, target is not accurate enough, secondly, there are communication problems, thirdly, hotel did not impress booker, fourthly, people do not have sufficient reason to believe that you or another parties there is another interested party (not in hotel).

    Step Two: Relationship Building

    There is a book that describes number of failed attempts to establish a relationship, usually 7 times. Therefore, you must accept at least 7 rejections when you are in love, and you must accept 7 rejections when making an agreement.

    When we refuse first time, we can tell ourselves in our hearts that there are 6 more times, and when we get rejected second time, we must tell ourselves that there are 5 more times.

    At same time, we must seize opportunity. When heaven, earth and people are in harmony, relationships will be established.

    Third Stage: Strengthening Relationships

    Relationships are about communication, whether it's watching a movie or having a big meal, it's a form of communication. Through this form, both parties observe whether other party is suitable.

    When it comes to hospitality marketing, building relationships is very important. The goal is to allow other party to consume. If this relationship is strengthened, two aspects are needed: interest and emotion. . Benefits are basis for establishing relationships, and emotions are necessary to strengthen relationships. Only by reaching this level can we reach realm of fourth stage.

    Fourth stage: consumption (marriage registration)

    The ultimate goal of a relationship is to register a marriage.

    When it comes to hotel marketing, it should make sure that your customers do notIf they leave you, as long as they have a need for accommodation, they will not hesitate to find you. If one day your client does not stay, he will be very saddened emotionally and also lose some of benefits.

    For example: main member of hotel receives discounts when paying for a hotel stay. At same time, according to label of main member, hotel will provide personalized services, so that he can not only receive various discounts, but also enjoy "know him" personalized service.

    If hotel can reach this level, if such participants one day leave hotel and move to another hotel, they will definitely feel psychologically very uncomfortable. Some friends of hotel said that we hope to do this too, but we are still lacking concrete implementation methods. If your hotel wants to reach this level, you can contact Wendy (hehe).

    Hospitality marketing is a system, if you don't think in terms of a system, you'll miss other. If you really want to take your hotel marketing to the next level, you must act in terms of theory, system, method and tool. imitated for others.

    Hotel marketing is like falling in love, a hotel can try it, find a master in love to do marketing!