Questions for hoteliers to think about

Questions for hoteliers to think about

There is a reality to think of as a hotel.

Why do high-speed trains and bullet trains run so fast today?

There are three main reasons: one is design and kinetic energy of front, second is connection and energy of each car's own motion, and third is a smoother gap between rails and rails.

What hotel needs to learn is how to properly operate front of car (concept and purpose), kinetic energy of car (automatic power) and smoothness of railway track (control system). ) Through work and management of hotel pass: corporate culture.

Questions for hoteliers to think about

Let's talk about "corporate culture" of hotel:

1. Culture

The biography says: “The intertwining of hardness and softness is astronomy, civilization is humanities. Watch astronomy to watch change of time, and watch humanities to transform into world.”

Culture is all spiritual activity of a person and its products related to economy and politics.

This is sum of existence, inheritance, creation and development of all social phenomena of group of wisdom and inner spirit of group.

Concrete human culture is divided into material culture, philosophical thought(institutional culture and psychological culture)

II. Corporate culture

Corporate culture is a spiritual wealth and a material form that has characteristics of an enterprise, created in process of production, operational and management activities of an enterprise under certain conditions. It includes cultural concepts, values, entrepreneurial spirit, ethics, codes of conduct, historical traditions, corporate systems, cultural environment, corporate products, etc. Among them, values ​​form core of corporate culture.

Corporate culture is soul of enterprise and inexhaustible driving force of its development. It contains a very rich content, core of which is spirit and values ​​of enterprise. Values ​​here, as a rule, do not refer to various cultural phenomena in management of an enterprise, but to values ​​that enterprises or employees of enterprises uphold in their business activities.

Including: business philosophy, values, entrepreneurial spirit, corporate ethics, team understanding, corporate system, cultural structure, corporate mission, corporate vision, core values, etc.

Corporate culture consists of three levels:

1. The material culture on surface is called "hard culture" of enterprise. Including factory power, factory appearance, mechanical equipment, product shape, appearance, quality, etc.

2. Institutional culture at middle level, including leadership system, interpersonal relationships, and various rules, regulations, and disciplines.

3. The spiritual culture of main layer is called "soft corporate culture". Including various codes of conduct, values, corporate group awareness, employee quality and fine traditions, etc., are core of corporate culture and are called corporate spirit.

Questions for hoteliers to think about
3. Development of corporate culture

Starting with Japanese companies, it prospered more than American companies rooted in traditional Chinese culture.

Fourth, how to shape corporate culture of hotel

The start-up company should be culture of boss, but with development and growth of company, team factor will be gradually integrated into it, but boss is still center, just a connotation and expression of culture, not only element.

When scaled up, it will continue to dilute cultural elements of boss.

In developing and applying corporate culture, my personal experience usually goes through four stages:

1. Yuan

During formation phase, core members of hotel team should participate and form together. The core concept usually includes: experience philosophy, corporate vision, corporate mission, core values, entrepreneurial spirit, service concept, employment concept, etc.

At this stage, everyone needs to speak freely, and at same time, there should be a main line, not too scattered, and then sum up.

Questions for hoteliers to think about

2, Heng

It should convey to everyone and let everyone understand that only on basis of understanding and recognition can corporate culture show its value.

There is a problem of knowledge. Corporate culture is not talking about walls. Corporate culture should permeate process of corporate activities and management. Such a corporate culture is an effective culture and will ultimately influence behavior of employees at work.

For example. One of service concepts in a hotel is "safety". The hotel must then purchase safe food through procurement process and cannot purchase food that is past its expiration date; in terms of laundry, whether laundry we are looking for uses safest liquid medicines, and whether our staff's utensils are most hygienic.

3. Benefit

Simply put, what is benefit of corporate culture for everyone. If vision of enterprise is realized, what benefits can it bring to everyone.

If this is purely vision of business owner, then what is motivation of employees other than wages?

4. Zhen

The virtuous are those who do something.

In terms of corporate culture, we must continue to promote, practice and integrate new elements, especially at different stages of corporate development, enrich connotation of corporate culture, improve company's management system, and optimize external appearance. Performance is needed and needed.

Corporate culture is not a retreat, it has to be practiced. It must be combined with company's strategy so that everyone moves forward and, finally, realizes strategic development goals of company.

Wendy really looks forward to networking with friends in hospitality industry, learning from each other, and making progress together so that we can improve hotel operations and make customers more satisfied. Welcome to contribute and share.