The importance of hotel front desk here

The importance of hotel front desk here

The front office of a hotel is not only front office service, room reservation and cash register, but also more important work, reflecting value of front office service.

Thus, when personnel changes occur and disagreements arise in reception and accommodation department of a hotel, the overall working conditions are not ideal, and this even affects occupancy and operating income.

Because in terms of cost, a hotel receptionist has at least 6 core values:

The importance of hotel front desk here

01 Booking

In many hotels, especially smaller ones, reservation service and front desk work together. So from this point of view, front office of hotel is also hotel booking center, which takes care of work of OTA, customer matching and individual guest bookings.

02 Finance

The front office of some hotels is divided into front desk and cash desk at front desk, which is starting point of income of entire hotel, and invoicing and invoice management is also main business accounting department of hotel.

From a financial point of view, financial security and regulation of cashiers are also very important tasks for hotels.

The importance of hotel front desk here

03 Services

Hotel front office service can be divided into three stages: front desk service, reservation communication service, guest check-in service, consultation service, wake-up service, storage service, etc., guest check-out. settlement service.

From this point of view, reception department is department that has most contact with guests, so working status of reception staff directly sells experience and feelings of guests, and even guest rating on OTA.

04 Information

The front office is also information center of hotel. Because PMS system records a large amount of information about guests, while contacting guests, it also obtains other information about guests in a timely manner, so that hotel can learn more about consumption status of guests.

Often, front office department is first to contact guests by customer agreement, so it is necessary to notify marketing staff in a timely manner, respond quickly, and do a good job of reception and service.

In relation to external relations of a hotel, it is usually natural to receive information first time and then pass it on to a higher department for processing.

The importance of hotel front desk here

05 Customer Development

Using guest billing information and follow-up visits by hotel marketing staff, usually 1-2 days after guest check-out, an agreement with clients is effectively developed. From this point of view, reception and accommodation department of hotel is important, helping to develop contractual relationships with customers.

Therefore, hotel needs to form a fixed operating procedure. At same time, it can also provide certain rewards to front office department according to quality and consumption situation of client's consistent development, so as to promote more effective cooperation.

06 Sales

Reception is key department of hotel's internal sales.

In terms of member development, this is main member transformation department;

The sale of membership cards is main department;

Main Stored Value Update Department;

The main department of individual customer sales;

Events promote important departments.

It can be seen from above that if hotel management is inactive, this will seriously affect operation of hotel. Therefore, it is necessary that top management of hotel pay attention and strengthen communication skills and capabilities of this department. At same time, it is also necessary to redefine salary package so that salary structure has more combinations.

If you want to do front office job more effectively and truly capitalize on value of six above, you need to not only redefine pay, but also redefine front office work in job responsibilities. Override. Let work of helping and cooperating become part of work.

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