What should hotel owners do?

What should hotel owners do?

Many hotels in China are in process of gradually moving from rule of man to rule of law, especially as scale of hotel gradually expands.

When owner and general manager of a hotel are same person, they will have highest authority, but they may not manage hotel well.

If scale of hotel is relatively small, owner of hotel generally manages it way people manage people, and there will be no problems. However, when scale of hotel is large or there are several hotels, as owner, it is necessary to carry out necessary decentralization and authorization.

In terms of organization and management, there are four principles: subordinates obey their superiors; superiors can control but not command; subordinates cannot report, but can appeal; principle of teamwork.

What should hotel owners do?

If scale of hotel is small, boss can do everything himself, but sometimes try to turn a blind eye to some little things, otherwise everyone will get tired. Let's not talk about development.

If this is a large hotel, boss should delegate authority, especially at management level. Because chief moves further and further away from front line and is no longer familiar with specifics of working on front line. Therefore, when an issue arises on front line, front line employees and managers should have greatest say.

When Wang Shi hired Yu Liang, everything was fine at first. No matter what Wang Shi said, Yu Liang felt that boss was truly powerful. He was good at details. When it came to business matters, Wang Shi noticed that Yu Liang's Eyes were wrong, so he felt that what he said was wrong.

Because of this, hotel owner must know his position and empower organization. It is impossible and unrealistic to take care of everything. If boss really wants to take care of everything, then organization and management of this hotel will be inappropriate, employees will have nothing to do. Some hotels have more managers than employees.

As a result, efficiency is low, and system or process is useless, because boss or his closest person must be one who destroys recipe and process.

What should hotel owners do?

If it is a hotel group company, decentralization and authorization are more necessary, and functions of hotel group should be positioned, whether they are mainly management and control functions or service functions. At same time, in process of decentralization and authorization, it is necessary to master this degree. It is also necessary to increase or intensify intensity of inspection and debriefing.

If in such a hotel group boss has to take care of everything, problems will be big, and everyone has to listen to boss in many things, which will make upper management and managers "helpless" and hit everyone. work status and confidence.

What's even more scary is that boss's "team" will have a lot of influence, just like movie theater effect said.

It was not easy to move from personnel management to system management, which is a more standardized direction. When boss comes in and boss gives instructions, it not only violates principles of organizational management, but also violates established “workflow”.

In my opinion, when a hotel expands, main job of boss is strategic direction and positioning, employment, motivation, etc.. If this is an independent hotel, if there is already a professional manager, then it is necessary to clearly define scope of work of boss and professional manager, and also work well on decentralization and authorization, if necessary. Sometimes it is still necessary to combine a specific situation with your own hotel, if it is convenient for management and operation of hotel and contributes to development of hotel.

Finally, market will definitely test results of hotel management, and guests will definitely feel services that hotel offers them.

If there is a problem in management of hotel and it is not resolved for a long time, performance and performance of lag will be like a frog boiled in warm water. Although result will be sent slowly, once hotel senses this, problem will become serious, and in end in end it will push hotel to precipice of loss or death.